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Slate theme screenshot

A classy RapidWeaver theme that provides you a clean palette on which to design your website, and features lots of innovative features to make it stand out in the crowd.


Lab report

With the Slate theme we continue to push the boundaries of what RapidWeaver can do. It has a popover ExtraContent area, as well as the option to present the blog page in a columnized form.

It also uses the RapidWeaver 5 Resources for both banner images and custom icons for the ExtraContent area popover.

In addition to all of this innovation, the Slate theme also has our Blog Entry Topper feature, as well as a built-in theme FAQ.

Theme options

Through the RapidWeaver Page Inspector we offer you a large variety of theme variations to create your site. Here's a few highlights:

  • 10 custom banner slots
  • Large variety of color pickers
  • Blog Entry Topper
  • 4 ExtraContent areas
  • Drop down navigation

For a full, detailed rundown of all the the Slate theme has to offer, click the Details tab above.

Banner images

We provide 10 custom banner slots to choose from: Banners 1-10.

Simply create a banner image at the appropriate width and height, save it as a JPG named to match the theme variation and drag it into the Resources area. Then select appropriate banner from the variations and you’re done. No code snippets or having to use RWmultitool!

Banner width

The width of the banner image is whatever you’ve chosen for your site's width. You can choose from several different banner height options from 150 - 400 px in size.

You’re also able add a shadow to the banner image.

Watch the tutorial videos for detailed instructions.


The background for the Slate theme is controlled by using the RapidWeaver color picker. Once you pick a color the theme implements it and then overlays a subtle grain texture as well as inset graphics for the title bar and banner areas, as well as the horizontal navigation.

This provides you great flexibility in choosing a background color that matches your tastes.


The sidebar in this theme is stylized and provides a great place to add your secondary information.

You can turn the sidebar on and off on a page-by-page basis. It is hidden by default to give you optimal space for your content.

Color picker

The Slate theme features and extensive color picker. It allows you to set the tone and feel of you site with just a few simple clicks and appropriate style choices. It offers you 12 different color pickers for customizing your site's design.

Site logo

The site logo is displayed alongside the Site Title in the Title bar at the top of the page.

The dimensions for the site logo are 128 x 128 px in size, and is confined to these dimensions.


The Slate theme has 7 different width variations to choose from for your site design.

When creating banner images you’ll make your image’s width the same as the width you’ve chosen for that particular page. For more information, see the Banners video in the Tutorials section above.

Blog optimized

We’ve labeled 3 of the 7 width variations as being Blog Page Optimized. This means that if you’re using the theme’s Columnized Blog styling these are the three widths you’ll want to choose from for that blog page so that the columns fit just right. Using other widths in this particular situation will still work, but will not have precisely aligned columns.

Blog Entry Topper

Slate features the famous Elixir Blog Entry Topper feature. With this feature you can to place large images above the title of your blog posts to help dress up your individual blog entries. This feature will also work with the theme's columnized blog styling as well.

Columnized blog

Slate allows you to choose whether you’d like to display entries as regular size, or in columns on your main blog page.

In columnized mode the most recent entry is displayed at the top of the content area with the other entries in columns underneath it.

Blog badge

We’ve included the ability to have nice blog badges with your blog entries, which is enabled in the Special section of the theme variations.

For more information on the columnized styling as well as how to use the Blog Entry Topper, please be sure to watch our Blog tutorial video.


This theme features a beautiful drop down menu. The navigation system supports 3 levels of navigation.

Some drop down menu systems don’t work quite right on the iPad and iPhone, but Slate’s navigation is setup to work nicely on mobile devices such as these.

ExtraContent areas

Slate has four different ExtraContent areas.

The first of the ExtraContent areas is located in the header area.

The second ExtraContent area is at the top of the content container.

The third ExtraContent area is quite similar, but is placed at the bottom of the content container.


The fourth, and most special of the four ExtraContent areas, is a popover. This is something we’ve not seen in any other themes to date. When you add content to the ExtraContent 4 area a button will appear in the Title Bar on the right-hand side. When your visitors click this button a popover container appears with your ExtraContent area 4’s content.


Included in the Special section of the Slate theme’s variations is the ability to enable a Lightbox style gallery for the RapidWeaver photo album page.

To learn about this feature watch the video in the tutorials section. You can see the Lightbox at work on the live demo site of the Slate theme as well.

Supported browsers

This theme makes use of some of the newest web technologies in order to provide your visitors with a great experience. This means supporting the most up to date browsers that follow web standards, such as: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer v9+.

Blog features

Blog features

Custom banner images

Custom banner images

ExtraContent areas

ExtraContent areas





Theme FAQ

Theme FAQ