Create stunning sites for both you and your clients. With Rustic's many options, and the ease of use RapidWeaver provides, you'll be able to quickly and easily build amazing sites that fit your many needs!


Guiding light

Rustic features an easy-to-use, drop down navigation system for your visitors.


Content first

While Rustic is nice to look at, its primary goal is to make your content the star of the show.


Hot look

We've includes 15 stock banners and 10 custom slots for customizing each of your pages.



A quick look at some of what the Rustic theme has to offer. Don't forget to also check out our tutorial videos down below.


Rustic provides you with a big, bold accent style banner that is placed behind your logo at the top of the page. This area is used to help give your site some personality and set the tone for the page. We offer 15 stock header background accents and 10 slots for your own custom images.


In addition to the header background accent, we also provide a banner option that allows you to insert a responsive banner image just below the navigation, that goes edge-to-edge in the content area of the theme. It has 10 stock images and 15 slots for your own images.


We've included a few subtle animation options for your pages in the Rustic theme. You can choose to animate the site logo, social media badges and the navigation's drop down menus. These each have several styles to choose from to dress up your pages.


While the Rustic theme is responsive, and scales down to fit the browser, or mobile device's width, it can also have a maximum width set for its content area. You can choose from 6 different width options, ranging from 760 - 1,260 px in size.

Accent Height

You have the ability to adjust the accent area's height, and can choose from heights ranging from 350 - 600 px tall. This allows you to change the feel of the page and to show more, or less of the accent area's background image.


The Rustic theme has a nice ribbon accent in the title area. You can adjust the ribbon's content (either the site slogan or page title), change its color with a color picker, choose what font is used inside it, or hide it all together on a page-by-page basis.

Font Styling

Rustic allows you to adjust the font choice for the Site Title, Slogan, Headers and Body of the theme. Some of the notable fonts you can choose from are Arvo, Noto Serif, Open Sans, Helvetica, Verdana and Georgia. To see which areas offer which fonts, check the lists found here.

ExtraContent Areas

We've included 4 ExtraContent areas in the Rustic theme to allow you to break out of the standard layout mold. Be sure to watch the ExtraContent video under the Tutorial's tab above to see where each of the areas resides and how to make use of these wonderful additions to the theme.

ExtraContent Customization

We've also included a wide variety of color pickers relating to the ExtraContent areas in this theme to allow for a lot of customization. In addition you can also choose to have the EC areas 1 - 3 span the width of the Content area using our edge-to-edge options.

Site Background

In addition to being able to use the color picker to choose a nice solid color of your choice for the site background, we've also included several really great looking, graphical backgrounds for you to choose from.

Color Pickers

You can quickly and easily customize the feel of your pages using the over 25 different color pickers that we've included in the Rustic theme. These color pickers cover a wide variety of areas of the theme.

Mobile Navigation

Rustic provides your mobile visitors a great looking, easy to use, navigation system. You're able to choose what style icon your users see and use to open your mobile navigation as well.

Social Media Badges

You can use some of our pre-defined code snippets to insert Social Media Badges on to your pages. You can check out our Social Badges video for more info.

Badge Snippets Badge Snippets

<a class="myBadge twitter" href="#"></a>

Google Plus

<a class="myBadge google-plus" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge dribbble" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge facebook" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge instagram" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge github" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge linkedin" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge skype" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge tumblr" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge youtube" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge apple" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge windows" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge xing" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge email" href="#"></a>

Sky's the limit

Use Rustic's 28 different color pickers to customize the look of each individual page of your website to make it your own.


What does this setting do?

In addition to the tutorial videos below we also offer detailed documentation for each setting within this theme on our Support Hub page.

You can find the full documentation and tutorials for Rustic, as well as all of our other products in the Elixir Support Hub. If you require further support we also offer a great community forum where you can ask questions and get support.


We've created several tutorial videos that walk you through using the major features of the theme. These are a good resource for both before and after your purchase. Watch them now to get an idea of some of the interesting things this theme can do, and follow along with them later after your purchase to help in building your new site.


ExtraContent Areas

Social Badges

Strong framework

The Rustic theme is built on top of a solid, responsive foundation that allows you to create one site that works great on both your visitors' desktop computers as well as their popular mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.


This theme makes use of some of the newest web technologies in order to provide your visitors with a great experience. This means supporting the most up to date browsers that follow web standards, such as: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge.


This theme uses the latest theme API for RapidWeaver. It is built to run on RapidWeaver v7.2 and newer.


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