Modern & Lightweight

Mint is built on top of a lightweight, responsive framework that helps you to build responsive sites that look beautiful on both your visitor’s desktop computer as well as their mobile devices!


Personalized touch

The Mint theme supports RapidWeaver's new Banner settings right out of the box. Drag-and-drop your banner image into the image well in the Site Setup or the Page Inspector and you're ready to go!


Beautiful banners

Use custom images or beautiful gradients for your banner backgrounds. Customize your images with a nice overlay color as well. Mint's banner height can be easily adjusted at each of the responsive breakpoints.


ExtraContent areas

We've included 5 different customizable ExtraContent areas within the Mint theme to help you create modern site designs, including areas in the banner, footer, and the main content area.



A quick look at some of what the Mint theme has to offer. Don't forget to also check out our tutorial videos below.


Mint features a mobile friendly, drop down navigation. It hides itself away as the visitor scrolls down the page, reappearing if they click the navigation toggle or scroll upwards.


The Mint theme supports RapidWeaver's new Banner settings right out of the box. Drag-and-drop your banner image into the image well in the Site Setup or the Page Inspector and you're ready to go!

Banner Overlay

Customize the images that you use for your banners with Mint's banner overlays. Use the overlay color to help your banner content really pop off the page and get your visitors' attention.

Banner Gradient

In addition to the custom banner support Mint offers we've also included the ability to use a nice gradient background for your banner section, setting a custom color for both the top and bottom of the gradient.

Banner Height

Mint allows you to set separate banner heights for mobile, tablet and desktop breakpoints, choosing between flexible, fixed and full-browser height banners.


We've included 5 different customizable ExtraContent areas within the Mint theme, including areas in the banner, footer, and the main content area.

Angled Sections

Set your site apart using our angled ExtraContent Area designs. ExtraContent areas 2 and 3 can have stylish slanted backgrounds with custom gradients to make your content stand out.

Content Width

The Mint theme allows you to set separate max-widths for different sections of your page. Set individual widths for the banner content, main content, footer content and ExtraContent areas 2, 3 and 4.

Custom Colors

Mint includes a huge selection of color pickers. With over 70 different color pickers you'll be able to easily customize each of your site's pages to. The color pickers also allow you to choose translucent colors.

Social Badges

You can use some of our pre-defined code snippets to insert beautiful Social Media Badges on to your pages, either just below the banner, or in the footer section.


Build a Photo Album using the Photo Album page style that comes with RapidWeaver and then toggle on the Lightbox feature and you're good to go.

Fade In

You may choose to have your navigation bar fade in during your page's loading process. This allows you to add a bit of style and animation to your site's loading process.

Responsive Videos

We've included a toggle in the Mint theme to allow you to make your YouTube and Vimeo video embeds responsive with just the click of the mouse.

Navigation Extras

You can choose to add a drop shadow to your navigation bar, as well as setting your site title to all uppercase letters and selectively hiding the site logo on a page-by-page basis.

Navigation Toggle

You're able to customize the look of the navigation toggle. This toggle appears when the visitor scrolls down your page, allowing visitors to access the full navigation at any time.

Social Media Badges

You're able to insert social media badges onto your pages via small code snippets, which we've provided below. Be sure to watch our Social Badges video to learn how to use them in your site design.

Badge Snippets Badge Snippets

<a class="myBadge twitter" href="#"></a>

Google Plus

<a class="myBadge google-plus" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge dribbble" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge facebook" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge instagram" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge github" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge linkedin" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge skype" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge tumblr" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge youtube" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge apple" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge windows" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge xing" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge email" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge android" href="#"></a>

Stack Overflow

<a class="myBadge soverflow" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge pintrest" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge dropbox" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge behance" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge vine" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge rss" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge comments" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge pencil" href="#"></a>

Sound Cloud

<a class="myBadge soundcloud" href="#"></a>

Code Pen

<a class="myBadge codepen" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge etsy" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge medium" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge reddit" href="#"></a>**


<a class="myBadge snapchat" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge steam" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge twitch" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge yelp" href="#"></a>


In addition to its beautiful design Mint also features a large selection of theme variations and color pickers for quick, easy customization.


What does this setting do?

In addition to the tutorial videos below we also offer detailed documentation for each setting within this theme on our Support Hub page.

You can find the full documentation and tutorials for Mint, as well as all of our other products in the Elixir Support Hub. If you require further support we also offer a great community forum where you can ask questions and get support.


We've created several tutorial videos that walk you through using the major features of the Mint theme. These are a good resource for both before and after your purchase. Watch them now to get an idea of some of the interesting things this theme can do, and follow along with them later after you purchase Mint to help in building your new site.

Beautiful Banners

Unique Navigation

ExtraContent Areas

Social Badges

Strong framework

The Mint theme is built on a responsive, lightweight framework that allows you to create supremely flexible sites that look beautiful on all your visitors' devices.


The Mint theme is designed with modern browsers in mind to give your visitors the best experience possible: Safari, Chrome, FireFox and IE 11 and above.


Mint uses the latest theme API for RapidWeaver. It is built to run on RapidWeaver v7.2 and newer. This allows us to leverage specialized banner features and more!


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