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Droplet theme screenshot

A RapidWeaver theme with bold stylings and flexible options. Droplet features an innovative design and feature set to make your sites stand out in the crowd.


Sticky Navigation

Droplet takes theme navigation to the next level, by allowing you to choose to have the site’s menu bar lock to the top of the page as the user scrolls through your pages.

This theme also features a beautiful header section, with big, bold backgrounds, and an ExtraContent area to break out of the RapidWeaver mold!

Droplet uses the RapidWeaver 5 Resources for adding your own background images as well.

Theme Options

Through the RapidWeaver Page Inspector we offer you a large variety of theme variations to create your site. Here's a few highlights:

  • Amazing drop down navigation
  • Customizable header area
  • Multiple widths
  • Blog Entry Topper
  • Four useful ExtraContent areas
  • Lots of color pickers

For a full, detailed rundown of all the the Droplet theme has to offer, click the Details tab above.

Customizable Header

The Droplet theme features a beautiful and unique header section. You can use your own header background images via the Resources section of RapidWeaver to customize easily your pages.

Built-in Images

Droplet comes with 17 built-in header backgrounds, and the ability to use 10 different custom header backgrounds. It also includes 10 header background overlays.


You can choose from one of our 14 different, built-in backgrounds, or choose to use the color picker to choose your own solid background color.


The sidebar for the Droplet them can be placed on either the right- or left-hand side of your content, or if it is not needed it can be hidden, on a page-by-page basis.


Your site’s width can be set in a number of different areas. This theme allows you to adjust the body content, header, navigation and ExtraContent area 3 width’s independent of one another.

Color Picker

The color picker is used quite a lot throughout the theme variations in Droplet. You can adjust everything from your sites links and text colors to thesite background and much more.


The RapidWeaver blog page features our Blog Entry Topper feature, which allows you to place an image at the to of each individual blog post, above the blog entry’s title.


There are several Special Toggles that allow you to make changes to its layout and functionality:

  • Remove Breadcrumb Trail on this Page
  • Add Shadow to Main Navigation Bar
  • Fade in Site Title on Page Load
  • Remove Logo from this Page
  • Remove Slogan from the Page
  • Enable Photo Album LightBox

Sticky Navigation

At its core the navigation for this theme is a drop down menu setup. But the Droplet theme takes the navigation to another level. You can choose to have your navigation lock to the top of the page as your visitors scroll through your pages.

You’re able to choose between 3 different navigation behaviors:

  • Lock to top when scrolling
  • Lock to top when scrolling with title
  • Normal scrolling behavior

Note: When viewed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch the navigation will always display as ‘Normal Scrolling Behavior’ and will not lock to the top of the browser.

ExtraContent Area

Droplet has 4 different ExtraContent areas to help you break out of the standard RapidWeaver mold.

  • ExtraContent area 1 resides in the header section of the Droplet theme. It allows you to place content over top of the header background image.
  • ExtraContent area 2 is just below the navigation and right above the main content area of the page.
  • ExtraContent area 3 is below the main content area of the page and has its own independent width variations.
  • ExtraContent area 4 is located in the sidebar of the theme, just below the sidebar content.


Droplet features several beautiful font choices for your site title, slogan and body text. The font for sections like navigation, ExtraContent areas, and the sidebar are all based off of the body font.

Site Logo

The site logo in the Droplet theme appears to the right-hand side of the site title. The logo’s height should not exceed 40 px, but the width can be variable.

Supported browsers

This theme makes use of some of the newest web technologies in order to provide your visitors with a great experience. This means supporting the most up to date browsers that follow web standards, such as: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer v9+.

Header Section

Header Section



Blog Entry Topper

Blog Entry Topper

ExtraContent Area

ExtraContent Area