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Bamboo theme screenshot

A responsive, multi-purpose RapidWeaver theme that works great for everything from business to personal sites. Bamboo adapts to both the desktop and the mobile marketplace!


Mobile friendly

The Bamboo theme continues to push the boundaries of what RapidWeaver can do. It is a responsive theme, which means it adapts to your site’s visitors. As their browser scales down, so does your content. It adapts particularly well to those on iPhones!

Modern approach

We’ve incorporated a series of features in this theme that will benefit you and your visitors. These new features are designed for the modern browsers that you and your visitors are using.

Theme options

Through the RapidWeaver Page Inspector we offer you a large variety of theme variations to create your site. Here's a few highlights:

  • Unique shelf area
  • Innovative tabbed ExtraContent areas
  • Photo album LightBox
  • Beautiful navigation
  • Blog Entry Topper

For a full, detailed rundown of all the the Bamboo theme has to offer, click the Details tab above.

Header area

The Bamboo theme offers you the ability to use the RapidWeaver Resources section to add in your own custom banner images. These images will appear on the shelf area of the theme.

If you want something more than just a banner image in that shelf area, be sure to check out the ExtraContent options of the Bamboo theme.

Mobile modification

In portrait mode on the iPhone the shelf area gets hidden, and conversely hides the banner content as well.

This allows your content to have more room and to keep your users from having to scroll too far to get through your pages.

Be sure to watch the tutorial videos under the Tutorial tab above.


The sidebar for this theme can be placed on either the left- or right-hand side of the content area. You can also choose to hide the sidebar on any given page.

The sidebar automatically collapses itself when the browser shrinks down far enough and is then accessible to the user by tapping or clicking the + button in the upper right of the content area.


Included in the Bamboo theme are 15 different, built-in background styles. We’ve also included the ability for you to use your own images, stretched out over the entire background as well.

Watch the videos under the Tutorials tab above for more information.

Background overlays

In addition to the built-in background styles and the ability to use custom background images we’ve also included several background overlays.

These pair really well with the custom backgrounds, adding a bit of texture to your images

Maximum widths

Bamboo includes several maximum widths. Since this theme is responsive in nature the width of the content area adjusts down in size automatically as the browser is made smaller.

These maximum widths range from 700 - 1,060 px in size.

Site title

You’re able to choose from several different fonts for your site title in the Bamboo theme:

  • Museo Slab
  • Museo Sans
  • Georgia
  • Helvetica Neue
  • Pacifico
  • Lucida Grande

Site logo

Place your logo image into the appropriate image drop spot in the RapidWeaver Site Setup pane, and the Bamboo theme takes it from there.

We recommend an image size of 128 x 128 px. This allows it to fit nicely on everything from desktop to mobile platforms.


Bamboo sports a horizontal, drop-down navigation for the desktop, and a great tap-to-expand navigation for the iPhone.

The theme knows how wide the browser is and adjusts the size and layout of the navigation based on the width of the browser.


Bamboo features our Blog Entry Topper feature. With this feature you can to place large images above the title of your blog posts.

You’re also able to toggle on some decorative photo corners for the Blog Entry Topper images in the Special section of the theme variations!

Blog archives

When displayed on mobile platforms the archives get hidden away in the drop down sidebar area.

Note though that if you hide the sidebar, the archives get hidden as well. This is true of the desktop and mobile versions.

Blog tags

We have made the normally bland, and un-styled tags section of the blog’s sidebar look quite nice by dressing up each individual tag.

Be sure to checkout the blog demo page on our live preview site to see all of this in action as well as watch the tutorial videos.

Photos LightBox

Bamboo provides a great LightBox that will be optimum for users on iPhones and iPod Touches as well as desktop browsers

Photos with style

You can place photo corners, scotch tape and thumb tacks on your photos to dress up your Photo Album page.

Theme FAQ

We provide a built-in theme FAQ in the Bamboo theme. This allows you to get answers to your questions quickly and easily.

ExtraContent areas

Bamboo offers 4 different ExtraContent areas.

The first two ExtraContent areas, when they contain content, will present themselves as tabs in the main content area.

Content in the ExtraContent areas 1 and 2 should be kept fairly simple as this content loads behind the main content area. Including lots of complexity in these areas may lead to slower page load times or conflicts.

Extra ExtraContent

The third ExtraContent area is located at the top of the main content area and has a nice, shaded divider to partition it off from the main content and sidebar.

The fourth ExtraContent area can be toggled on, in the theme variations, to appear in the shelf area, just above the main content of the theme.

Color picker

The RapidWeaver color picker is a great tool that helps provide a theme with a great deal of flexibility for you as the user. The Bamboo theme makes great use of the color picker to allow you to customize many areas of the theme for your site designs. It includes over 20 different color pickers for styling your pages.

Supported browsers

This theme makes use of some of the newest web technologies in order to provide your visitors with a great experience. This means supporting the most up to date browsers that follow web standards, such as: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer v9+.

What is Responsive?

What is Responsive?

Responsive images & videos

Responsive images & videos



Blog Entry Topper

Blog Entry Topper

Shelf area

Shelf area





Photo album

Photo album

Building a simple site

Building a simple site