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Abstract theme screenshot

A responsive, versatile theme that provides a stunning design and solid functionality for you to build sites upon for you and your clients.


Responsive and versatile

The Abstract theme is built on a responsive foundation that allows you to create splendid sites that look great on your visitor’s desktop computer as well as their mobile devices, without needing to build two separate sites!

This theme makes use of some of the newest web technologies in order to provide your visitors with a great experience.

In addition to its contemporary design, we’ve included several different ExtraContent areas, our Blog Entry Topper feature and a slew of other theme variations!


Through the RapidWeaver Page Inspector we offer you a large variety of theme variations to create your site. Here's a few highlights:

  • Four incredible, customizable ExtraContent areas
  • Sticky, drop down navigation
  • Over 35 color pickers
  • Bold banner options, and slideshow capability

For a full, detailed rundown of all the the Abstract theme has to offer, click the Details tab above.


The Abstract theme's design scales to provide the optimal layout for your site depending on your visitor's browser or mobile device. Want to see it in action? Load the live preview site on your mobile device, like your iPhone or iPad, and see how well it scales.


Abstract has four unique ExtraContent areas to help you create versatile pages. We cover each of these ExtraContent areas in a video in the Tutorials tab above where we show you where each of them is located and how to use them.

Bold Banners

We've included 15 different stock banner images built-in to the Abstract theme, as well as the ability for you to add your own static images and slideshow slides via the Resources section. We cover how to accomplish this in a video under the Tutorials tab above.


While the Abstract theme is responsive and adjusts based on the browser width or device size that your visitors are using it also allows you to select a maximum width for your pages' contents to style things to better fit the style of your site.

Banner contents

You can have your site slogan or your logo display within the banner, or have neither display. If you have content in your ExtraContent area 2 the slogan and logo will be hidden. You can also have the banner fade in as the page loads.


The banner area is a key focus of the Abstract theme. In addition to choosing a background image for your banner you can also select from 5 different heights for the banner display allowing more of your banner to be shown at once.

Title & Slogan

You can customize the look of your site title by changing its font style, as well as its color. The slogan also has a bounding box around it whose background and border can also be customized. The site title is located in the navigation bar and the slogan can be toggled on in the banner area.

Sticky Navigation

Abstract's drop down navigation is sticky, meaning it locks itself to the top of the browser window as the user scroll down a page.

The navigation bar also contains the button toggle for the ExtraContent area 3 popup.

Nav. Customization

You can give the site navigation the look and feel you desire in Abstract through a series of color pickers, for both the desktop and mobile navigation. You can also choose to have either a rounded or more squared off look for your selected navigation elements.

Mobile Navigation

The standard navigation gets hidden away on the mobile version of the Abstract theme, allowing more room for your site's content. Once opened, via a toggle in the sticky navigation bar the mobile navigation unfurls allowing your visitors access to your full navigation on their mobile device.

Modal Popup

In addition to adding content to the modal popup via the ExtraContent area 3 you can also choose the colors for the modal toggle button, as well as an icon for that button as well as set a max-width for the responsive modal dialogue. Watch our ExtraContent tutorial video for more info.


The Abstract theme gives you over 35 color pickers to customize the look of your pages. Each one can be set on a page-by-page basis, offering infinite customizability to your projects. Abstract comes with several predetermined settings to help get you started that much faster!


The sidebar for this theme can be placed on the left- or right-hand side of the content area, or be hidden altogether. The sidebar defaults to being hidden to start with to allow your content more space.

Video Embeds

You can easily make your YouTube and Vimeo videos responsive simply by toggling that feature on, on a page-by-page basis, in the Page Inspector's Toggles section of the Styles palette.

Site background

Customizing your pages doesn't stop with color pickers and big, bold banner images. We've also included 15 different patterns for your site background as well as the ability to use the color picker.

Supported browsers

This theme makes use of some of the newest web technologies in order to provide your visitors with a great experience. This means supporting the most up to date browsers that follow web standards, such as: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer v9+.

Banner Images

Banner Images

Photo Album LightBox

Photo Album LightBox

ExtraContent Areas

ExtraContent Areas

Blog Entry Topper

Blog Entry Topper

Color Pickers

Color Pickers