Contact Us

Reach out. If you've poured over the documentation and watched the tutorial and walk-thru videos, but just can't seem to find an answer to your question, that's when it's time to reach out for some help.

We've setup a a community forum to help get your questions answered. In addition to the amazing, veteran community members, I also am an active participant on the forum.

When you ask your question on the forum, you're not just helping yourself, but you're also aiding others who might have the same question. This means that when we answer your question it isn't just one isolated email to my support inbox that gets resolved, but you could very well help out a large number of other users as well.

How to email us

Something more personal. Have a problem that is personal that needs addressing directly by myself? Need to update details of a past order? Having problems downloading a purchased item? The contact form below is specifically for scenarios like this.

Most questions relating to features, how to do something with a tool, possible bug reports, etc can and should be asked on the Community Forum. We make a concerted effort to get back to contact form submissions within 2 business days. Forum posts usually get answered more quickly.

Need to share a screenshot with us? You can do so here. You cannot upload project files with this uploader as they will inevitably be too large.
Send your RapidWeaver project file

In the event you need support with a specific tool that was not answered on the Community Forum, we will need your project file.

Create a ZIP file that contains your project (the file you open and edit in RapidWeaver) and upload it to WeTransfer or a similar service. You can paste the download URL from WeTransfer, or your preferred service, into the Download Link field.