Welcome to the Elixir support hub. Here you'll be able to find support for all of the products that Elixir produces, whether that be our popular Foundry framework, our innovative Alloy blogging solution or one of our many outstanding themes or stacks addons.

Below we have some getting started topics, troubleshooting tips, popular questions and more. To the left in the sidebar you'll find links to our support sections for specific products. Some of the products like Foundry and Alloy have their own, independent documentation sites, while others like our themes and stacks addons have pages right here on the Elixir site to help you out.

These documentation pages, whether here or on the Foundry and Alloy sites, have detailed information about the products and what they can do, as well as many have tutorial videos to aid you in learning to use them. These videos, and our live previews, can also give you a look inside these products to help you decide if a product is right for your project before making your purchase.

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If you haven't done so already, be sure to have a look at the documentation page of the theme or stack for which you're seeking help. Each of these pages detailed information and videos that walk you through using that product's options.

The product pages themselves also offer a vast wealth of information which often answers a lot of user's questions as well.

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If after doing your due diligence, here in the documentation and on the product pages, trying to find an answer to your question, but still coming up with nothing, be sure to head on over to our support forum.

Either myself or one of the many community members there should be able to assist you in getting your questions answered.

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If you have lost your purchased items somehow, either through some sort of computer problems, or just an accident, fret not you can retrieve them all on your own.

Simply click the button below and supply the form with the necessary information and our automated system will retrieve your order history and download links for you. If you do not get results from the retrieval form it may be likely that you used a different email address to purchase Foundry than the one you’re entering.

If you still cannot retrieve your purchase that you’ve lost you will need to email us with the following information: Either your PayPal receipt or your original download email. If you don’t have one of these I will need the email address that you used in purchasing your product(s) along with a listing of the particular products you purchased and are trying to retrieve.