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Add dynamic content to your page that can be conditionally shown to your visitors based on your preferences


Let your new Sidekick handle tedious tasks for you

Once published Sidekick handles your dynamic content, making changes based on URL parameters, current date, time of day, and more.


Sidekick is intended for users who want to automate some minor day-to-day tasks on their website using dynamically generated content.

Date & Time

Show content to your visitors based on when your visitor is on your site. Trigger your dynamic content based on date, as well as date ranges, time, or day of the week.

URL Parameters

Sidekick can show specific content on your page based off of URL parameters you pass it via easy to use variables. Send special links for newsletter subscribers, or make content available to users with specially crafted URLs for your social media accounts, and more.

Randomize Content

Let Sidekick pick from several different pieces of content and display one at random each time your page loads. Great for customer testimonials, presenting random products on your home page, banner taglines, and so much more.

Content Insertion

Automate content on your page such as updating your site's copyright date, or insert the current day, or month within your headers or text. Add constantly updating clocks, and more.

OS Detection

Present download links, buttons or various other content based on your visitor's current operating system.

Getting Started Tutorial

Up to date content without having to republish your project

Below are just a few example of what you can do with Sidekick. We've setup a few different examples to show off both the conditional features of Sidekick as well as the ability to insert dynamic text into your content.

That said it is much easier to show off Sidekick's ease and power through a quick tutorial video. We've provided a short video above that walks you through setting up Sidekick so you can see a little bit of what it is capable of achieving.

Day of the Week & Time

Below you'll find a few examples of Sidekick managing our content based on the day of the week and / or time.

In our first example we are showing a bit of content to our visitors based what day of the week it is in our timezone (example is UTC). This is handy for letting them know for example if our business is open today or not.

In our second example are displaying content based on the time of day in our chosen timezone. This allows, for example, to tell visitors if we're available for chat based support right now or not.

Additionally in our last example we can nest the time conditional within a day of the week conditional to let people know if our business is open right now or not based on both the day of the week and the current time.

Label Text

We're Open

This content is displayed to the visitor on Monday through Friday only.

Label Text

Talk Later

This Fallback Content box is displayed every day as well, but is shown outside of the 9 am - 5 pm (UTC) timeframe.

Label Text

We're Closed

This Fallback Content is displayed on Monday through Friday outside of the 9 am - 5 pm (UTC) timeframe.

URL Parameters

Here we've created a simple examples to show off our URL Parameters feature in the Sidekick tool. But you won't see anything just yet.

While this one might sound more complicated at first, it offers a great deal of flexibility and options, and is pretty easy to use. We can trigger content on a page by simply adding a variable to our URL for this page. We've added two pieces of content to this page that won't render unless Sidekick finds the proper variable and value in the URL.

To see our special piece of content visit this URL below (note the ?id=newsletter variable and value attached to the URL). We could use this, as an example, to show content only to users who click a link in our latest email newsletter:

When the page reloads with that added URL parameter you'll bet a nice sticky box at the top of the page with a note.

OS Detector

Many times we want to serve up content to visitors based solely on which operating system they're using.

A good example of this is with software downloads. Instead of offering up several buttons to let the visitor download your software for each of the various operating systems we can instead check which OS they're using and provide a download link for that specific OS. We've done just that below with our example. Visit on different OSes or devices and you will receive a different button for each!

Content Insertion

We've built in a few helpful content insertion tools that allows Sidekick to personalize your site.

We can greet our visitors with a nice message that includes the day of the week, or have Sidekick keep our site's copyright date updated year after year. We just need to add a simple class name to an element and Sidekick handles the rest.

Happy day!

Here we've simply added the Sidekick "day" class to a <span> tag within our Header. Sidekick can then target that <span> and insert the current day into it.

We've also made it so that you can easily localize the day insertions in your own language in the main Sidekick parent tool.

Last Published

Sidekick can keep track of when the page was last published and display that date for you and the visitor. This let's your visitors, and perhaps even yourself, know just how up to date the current page, and its information might be.

This page was last published on

Additionally we are able to choose the date format style for the Last Published date as well.

Happy month!

Here we've simply added the Sidekick "month" class to a <span> tag within our Header. Sidekick can then target that <span> and insert the current month into it.

We've also made it so that you can easily localize the month insertions in your own language in the main Sidekick parent tool.


Similarly to the day, and month, insertion class names we also have one for the current year. This is supremely helpful in keeping our site's copyright year updated without having to manually do it each January. The date range below will update automatically each year:

© Copyright 2006-0000 Elixir Graphics

See the documentation page for more information about how to use these content insertion class names.


Allows you to add new content insertion options to Sidekick's parent tool. The allows you to insert the current time, in a constantly updating clock format, right into your content! Choose a specific timezone, or let the clock take on the visitor's time.

Choose a specific timezone, or let the clock take on the visitor's time. You can choose a 12- or 24hour clock, turn AM / PM on or off as well as include seconds. Add multiple Clock child items to Sidekick and you're able to include multiple clock inserts for multiple time zones, like we have below:



Your Time

See the documentation page for more information about how to use these clock insertion unique IDs.

Random Content

Sometimes it is nice to mix things up. Sidekick can handle that for you using its Random Content child item.

Add content in up to 10 different drop zones and Sidekick will dynamically choose one of them to randomly insert into your page. Different banners, client testimonials, famous quotes, portfolio highlights, and more are all great candidates for this tool.

Below we're loading a random quote for example each time the page loads:

Don't you realize? The next time you see sky, it'll be over another town. The next time you take a test, it'll be in some other school.

Our parents, they want the best of stuff for us. But right now, they got to do what's right for them. Because it's their time.

Their time! Up there!

Down here, it's our time.

It's our time down here.

That's all over the second we ride up Troy's bucket.

Mikey Walsh

What does this setting do?

In addition to the tutorial walk through video, further up on this page, we also offer detailed documentation for each of the settings within the Sidekick tool. This not only helps you when creating your site but as well as in making the decision to purchase Sidekick for your next project.

You can find the full documentation and tutorials for Sidekick, as well as all of our other products in the Elixir Support Hub.


What will you need?

This stack relies on the Stacks API to load icons and other tools needed for features in this stack. Let's look at the required software as well as the browser support for this stack.

What you need

As mentioned, we use the latest Stacks API for this stack to help facilitate its functionality. You'll need the following tools to make use of it for your site:

  • RapidWeaver v8 or newer
  • Stacks v4 or newer
Works with Foundry

This add-on works great with Foundry v3 as well as the legacy Foundry v2.

Browser support

This tool is designed with modern browsers in mind to give your visitors the best experience possible. It will work nicely in the most recent versions of these browsers:

  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Edge

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