Build legendary photo layouts and gorgeous lightboxed galleries

Presenting your photos to the world has never been easier. Shutter provides you the tools to create unique thumbnail arrangements for your images, in layouts that even professional photographs will envy. In addition you can also create groups of photos that launch inside of a gorgeous lightbox.


Shutter is feature rich and easily customized for your photo gallery needs. Below we explore some of the Shutter stack's many features, as well as offer a walk-thru video.


Layout & Design

Shutter offers the most popular, sought after gallery layouts for your photos. Choose from a Grid, Justified, or Masonry layouts for your thumbnail arrangements. Don't need a thumbnail layout, but would rather opt of a single image that triggers a lightbox gallery? We've got you covered with Shutter's Group mode.

Thumbnail gallery layouts







Thumbail Styling

Dressing up your thumbnails layouts, no matter which layout you choose, can be styled with ease. You're able to adjust the rounded corners, as well as the image's border.



Your thumbnails can have overlay styling applied to them. This is applied to thumbnails when your visitor hovers over them. You can adjust the overlay gradients colors, border, and even scale the image.



In addition to choosing your overlay styling for borders and gradient, you can also choose to apply multiple hover filters as well, including Blur, Grayscale, Sepia and Saturate filters.


Thumbnail Titles

Add titles to your thumbnails and choose when and where to have them displayed. You can also modify their styling to match the rest of your site. We've also included the ability to customize the animation which displays your thumbnail titles.



You have the option to include an icon on your thumbnails when your visitor hovers over them. You can choose separate icons for your images and videos. These icons can be styled to match your site as well, including size, colors and shadow.


And much more...

Styling your thumbnail layouts for both normal images, as well as those hovered over by visitors, is extensive. We cover all of the settings in the documentation further down the page. Suffice to say we think you're going to have some of the most stylish galleries out there!


Shutter's lightbox gives your images the attention they deserve.



Whether you're using a thumbnail layout like our Justified arrangement or just using shutter's gorgeous Group mode, your images open up in stunning, easy to use lightbox galleries. And best of all you have the ability to customize and personalize the look and feel of the lightbox to your liking.



Shutter's lightbox is highly configurable and has a series of controls for enabling options such as autoplay, a progress bar, pagination dots, download links, social media buttons, thumbnails, zoom and more!


Color choices

Adjust the Lightbox's backdrop, title bar, icons and more using Stacks based color pickers. This helps you to match your lightbox to the rest of your site's design.



Choose from a wide variety of slide transitions for you're lightbox galleries. You're even able to fine tune the speed of the slide transitions and how long autoplay pauses on each slide.



Auto play mode offers an optional and customizable progress bar at the top of the lightbox slides. Another way to show the progress through your slider is through the use of the pagination dots or thumbnails.


Video and images

We know many people will want to use the Shutter galleries for both their photograph and videography. We've made it easy to create galleries of either type, as well as mix and match the two together in one gallery.

In addition to all of your amazing photographs, Shutter also allows you to build video galleries using Vimeo and / or YouTube embeds. You can have whole galleries devoted to your videos, or mix and match them with your photos as well. This is just another way Shutter gives you the versatility you need.


Organize your photos in Edit Mode with ease.



Shutter is easy-to-use and setup. It lets you build your galleries out with drag-and-drop support. It is also really simple to rearrange and organize your images on the fly in Edit Mode.


Simple Protection

Add a layer of protection to your images. Shutter allows you to disable drag-and-drop and right-click access to your images. While no image is fully safe from someone who wants to download it, these measures dissuade most casual visitors.


Scratching the Surface

While we've touched on some highlights of the Shutter stack, there's a lot more to explore. Below we have several different samples to give you an idea of what can be achieved through very little effort with Shutter. We've also included a walk-thru video and documentation regarding each of the settings within the stack.


Justified Gallery

Shutter excels at creating gorgeous gallery layouts. Below we've built a wedding photo layout using Shutter's Justified thumbnail layout -- one of our favorites.

We've used mostly default settings for this gallery, so you can see that right out of the box Shutter creates some stunning albums. A lot of effort has gone into hand crafting beautiful default settings to help make your life much easier. Give it a look and don't forget to click on the gallery images to explore the lightbox as well.


While Shutter's gallery style layouts are powerful and stylish, we understand that sometimes you need something more compact. For that we built Groups into Shutter. These groups take the first image in the stack and make it our singular thumbnail.

All of the normal styling can be applied to the thumbnail, just as with the Justififed and Masonry layouts. When your visitor clicks on the thumbnail a Lightbox gallery is launched that contains all of your images. Below we've built three different galleries using a Foundry columns stack which contains three separate Shutter stacks that comprise our photo galleries.

Masonry Gallery

While the Justified gallery can have a more squared off look at the bottom and is based on row heights, the Masonry arrangement is focused on fitting everything together in specific sized columns, arranging the images on page load in a brick-like, or Masonry, layout.

We've made some minor tweaks from the default settings, such as removing the gutters and adding rounded corners, but the most noticeable might be the transition animation between slides in the lightbox. Shutter offers several different animation styles for these transitions.

Grid Gallery

Shutter's Grid layout also provides a back-to-basics, standard gird arrangement, no fancy justified or masonry style layout here. You still have access to many of the same settings as the other two more modern layouts, just applied to the basic Grid design instead.

In this example we've included our images' titles when hovered over. Additionally we've also applied a subtle scaling up of the thumbnails and a slight blur when hovered over.

Video Embeds

Shutter doesn't stop at image galleries. We've also built in support for video embeds as well. This allows you to build layouts with custom thumbnails that trigger your video embeds.

This gives a beautiful, professional design for your video galleries and focuses your visitor's attention of your videos as well. Additionally you can mix and match within a Shutter layout as well, including both images as well as video embeds! Below we've built a small gallery that contains a few video embeds, along with several images as well.

Powerful & Attractive

Shutter provides you the perfect platform on which to present your photos and videos to the world.


What does this setting do?

In addition to the tutorial walk through video above we also offer detailed documentation for each setting within this stack.

You can find the full documentation and tutorials for Shutter, as well as all of our other products in the Elixir Support Hub.


What will you need?

This stack relies on the Stacks API to load icons and other tools needed for features in this stack. Let's look at the required software as well as the browser support for this stack.

What you need

As mentioned, we use the latest Stacks API for this stack to help facilitate its functionality. You'll need the following tools to make use of it for your site:

  • RapidWeaver v8 or newer
  • Stacks v4 or newer
  • PHP v7.4
Browser support

This stack is designed with modern browsers in mind to give your visitors the best experience possible. It will work nicely in the most recent versions of these browsers:

  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Edge

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