Responsive columnized layouts

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Columns stack

The Columns stack allows you to create columnized layouts for use with responsive themes. It ensures that your content will look great and function as it should in a responsive environment.
The Columns stack allows you to choose between using a Standard and Custom columns layout. Each Columns stack can accommodate between 1 and 4 columns. We’ve even included a way for you to animate your column stacks onto your page as your visitors scroll down your page. Have a look at our Standard columns, Custom columns and Animated Columns examples:



Build out a columnized layout consisting of up to 4 responsive columns. Allows breakpoint specific margins and much more.


Create custom layouts for each of the three responsive breakpoints, and use offsets for non-standard column positioning.


Take your columns to the next level by animating them onto your page as your site’s visitors scroll down through your pages.


While the Columns stack may seem daunting at first, it is actually quite easy to use once you’ve seen it in use. Be sure to give the tutorial video above a watch. We walk you through building both a standard columns layout as well as a custom columns layout to show how each can work for you.