Create popup icon bars that are not only stunning to look at, but are functional for you and your visitors. Organize links in icon toolbars that can be triggered from a button or an image.


Here’s a quick rundown of the options in the Pop stack’s settings within the Stacks info palette. Be sure to give the above video a watch to learn more about how to make use of these features.

  • Trigger the icon bar from a button or an image
  • Tweak button padding
  • Style your button and icon bar using color pickers
  • Preview your icon bar in edit mode
  • Set the alignment for your button or image
  • Set button size using built-in presets
  • Adjust rounded corners for your button and icon bar
  • Buttons can contain an icon, text or both
  • Choose from over 300 different icons for your button and / or icon bar
  • Choose from an array of fluid animation styles


Here’s a look at a few samples of the Pop stack in action to give you an idea of what it can do. You can link to just about anything you like from the icon bar so I’m sure there are uses out there that even we’ve not though up!


In this example we’re using Pop’s default settings. We’ve opted for just an icon in our button for this sample.

Be Social

In this example we’ve setup a social badges sort of setup using Pop that links to various social media sites.

Contact Us
Contact Us

In this example we’ve setup a button using text instead of an icon. Our toolbar has just two examples in this instance -- an email link and a link to Twitter.

Contact Us
Upside Down

We’ve duplicated our example from above using out Contact Us button, but this time we have our icon bar coming from the bottom of the button and with a different animation.

Find us...

Here we pair an icon and text in our button and link to various sites where you might be found. We’re using our top location and triggering the icon on hover instead of click.

Stacks Image 252142

Instead of a button for this example we’re using an image. In this case the Pop stack’s icon. Using an image makes Pop even more versatile!


Here we’ve used Pop to allow you to add the Pop stack to your cart, using our service provider CartLoom, as well as giving you a link to the Pop product page.

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