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Flexible and responsive

The Orbit stack is a responsive slider that not only handles images but responsive content as well. It's responsive nature allows it to be used in themes that are and are not responsive, as it adapts to fit is surroundings.

Options galore

Orbit comes packed full of options that let you customize the way it operates and how it appears on your pages, as well as how your visitors can interact with its contents, including linking to images!

Many talents

In addition to beautiful image slideshows you can combine it with other responsive layout stacks to create unique sliders for all of your pages! Drop in responsive columns, flexible buttons and a whole lot more!


Designed with ExtraContent in mind. Drop it into an ExtraContent stack and you're off and running. This is great for themes that have ExtraContent areas in, or near, their banner areas, like the Ruby theme!

Theme compatibility

Orbit works exceptionally with both responsive and non-responsive themes. With their edge-to-edge options, and beautiful stylings, both the Ruby theme and the Atmosphere theme make excellent options when building a site with which you'd like to use the Orbit stack!