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Majestic allows you to create stunningly beautiful, responsive sites for you and your clients. Its large assortment of options will allow you to quickly and easily build exquisite sites that fit your needs!


Majestic's clean crisp look, along with its powerful navigation system and ExtraContent areas let you develop sites like a pro!


Majestic is built on a lightweight, responsive foundation, allowing your site to work great on both desktop and mobile devices.


Designed with style and functionality in mind, Majestic has an extensive set of options for customizing its look and feel.

Quick look

Majestic offers a huge assortment of theme variations that allow you to customize your site designs. Here's a brief look at a few of the options available. For a complete list of all of the theme's features be sure to checkout the product page.
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Bold & Beautiful

Majestic offers a crisp, clean design on which to build sites for yourself and your clients. Its large selection of color pickers and huge complement of built in banners, gradient presets and font selections make site design a breeze.
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Advanced Navigation

We've included a truly advanced navigation system in the Majestic theme. Its functionality is great for both big and small sites alike. This advanced, responsive navigation system allows your visitors to explore your sites with ease!
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Responsive & Lightweight

Majestic is built on a lightweight, responsive foundation that ensures your site will look great on both your visitors' desktop computers as well as their mobile devices.
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Brilliant Badges

We've included social media badges into the Majestic theme. We've also added in beautiful page badges that get placed at the base of the banner to help easily dress up your pages.
GO RESPONSIVE: Create responsive columns, and more using our Structure suite of stacks!

What else can Majestic do?

Have an in-depth look at all of the Majestic theme's features on the Options page. Also, be sure to check out all of the different Sample pages in this live preview site that show off how the theme looks and functions with both the standard RapidWeaver page styles and some of the more popular 3rd-Party page styles, like Stacks.

RapidWeaver 6+

Majestic is designed to leverage some of RapidWeaver 6's newest, under-the-hood features including improvements in its navigation output.


While it is not necessary in order to use Majestic, we do recommend the Stacks plugin for building responsive, modular pages in RapidWeaver!

Browser Support

Majestic is built and optimized to work on the major modern browsers from the past several years like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE 9 and above!