In this video we quickly touch on many Lunar’s features as well as look at its overall design. For a more detailed look at some of the Lunar theme’s various features be sure to have a look at the other tutorial videos below as well as the rest of this live preview site.

With the Lunar theme’s large number features and theme variations we want to make sure you get the most out of your new theme! Below are several tutorial videos that will get you started using Lunar, as well as show off some of its many features!


Lunar makes use of RapidWeaver 7’s built-in banner features to make customization as easy as drag-and-drop. We also offer 20 additional, built-in stock banners as well.

Width Adjustments

You can adjust the width of many sections of your pages independent of one another to produce unique layouts. In this video we look at how to do just that.


Take a look at Lunar’s drop down navigation for desktop browsers, as well as its unique mobile navigation design for smaller widths and devices.


Lunar provides you with 5 different ExtraContent areas for customizing the layout of your pages. In this video we look at where these areas are located and how to use them.

Social Media Badges

Choose from a wide variety of social media badges to add to your site. Quickly and easily add them to your pages with pre-built social media badge code snippets.

Blog Entry Topper

The Blog Entry Topper feature, found in many of our themes, allow you to insert images above each of your blog entries by quickly modifying an image’s Alt tag. Watch to find out how.