Next Level

The Stacks add-on from YourHead Software adds a flexible, powerful, extensible layout tool to RapidWeaver. Building pages is as easy as drag-and-drop, allowing you to build magnificent, modular designs.

Out of this world

The Lunar theme makes creating elegant pages a cinch. It's beautiful design gets out of the way of your photos, graphics and well thought out content, but still provides a gorgeous backdrop for your content to come to life.

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The Lunar theme provides a huge assortment of theme variations that allow you to customize its look and feel. This let's you get just the right design for your site, while still focusing your visitors attention on your content.
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Lunar is built on a solid, responsive foundation that helps to ensure your site displays as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop computer.
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Mobile First

Use modular stacks, like those found in the Structure suite of stacks, to aid you in creating responsive-based content for your new responsive theme.
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Banner Magic

Lunar makes use of RapidWeaver 7’s easy to use, drag-and-drop banners. Use your own images to set site-wide banners or add a custom banner to an individual page.
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The Lunar theme comes with a huge number of color pickers, allowing you to granularly adjust the look and feel of each page of your site.
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ExtraContent Areas

The Lunar theme has 5 different ExtraContent areas, which let you place your content in areas that you normally wouldn’t be able to using RapidWeaver. You’ll find ExtraContent areas in the banner, footer and even a user discoverable dropdown. Be sure to watch the ExtraContent tutorial video to learn more!

Build Beautiful Footers

Lunar comes with 4 different ExtraContent areas. One of those allows you to add content to the footer section, as we've done here with this simple footer example.

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