Introducing Foundry – the free-form framework for RapidWeaver

I am extremely excited to get to introduce something totally new today that is unlike anything I've offered in the past. This new addition to the Elixir family is called Foundry.

Foundry is a free-form framework for RapidWeaver that is super simple to use, but is powerful enough to build some truly amazing, responsive websites.
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Surprise and amaze your visitors with beautiful animations using Animagic for RapidWeaver

It's always fun to unveil a new theme or stack to the RapidWeaver community, and today is no exception! Today we're introducing the Animagic stack for RapidWeaver. This amazingly little stack allows you to create both subtle, and not-so-subtle, animations on your stacks pages.
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Some dos and don'ts when building out your next site's navigation menu

When it comes to building a successful site you need a good way for your visitors to navigate your pages. Not only should your navigation look nice, but it should be well organized so that your visitors can find what they're looking for quickly and easily. If there's one thing on your site that every visitor will be using, regardless of what they're looking for, it's your navigation. So getting it right is important.
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