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Styled text page

This page is created using RapidWeaver’s built-in Styled Text page. It is a great multi-purpose page style for creating all sorts of pages for your site.

You can format text by bolding items, italicizing them, changing their colors and much more. You can link passages of text as well as images.

Float images to the right or left, create lists, make blockquotes and much more. Peruse this page to see examples of just a few of the things you can accomplish using the Styled Text page.

This is a blockquote style, which is achieved by highlighting text and selecting Blockquote from the Format>HTML menu item in RapidWeaver

Below is a list that has been created within RapidWeaver. You can choose from different bullet types as well. These are square.
  • Bulleted item number one goes here
  • This is item number two
  • We like to call this item number three
  • You guessed it: item four
  • And our final list item, number five

This is a heading three

Here is a bit of Lorem Ipsum below, dummy type, to fill some space so that I can show you some nicely floated images. To float images you highlight the image and choose either Align Image Left or Align Image Right from the Format>HMTL menu in RapidWeaver.

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This is a heading 4

You really do a lot with just a styled text page in RapidWeaver. If you’ve not explored this page style as of yet, I implore you to give it a try.