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May 2010
Jan 2009

Check out the Elixir Box Kit 2

The premise of the new Box Kit is much like that of its predecessor. This new version however takes things to a whole new level.

This PSD contains a totally reworked box design with new stylings and new options. The whole thing was redrawn and was done with PhotoShop's vector-based shapes and layer styles. It includes logos for the sides of the box, optional packing tape layers, objects to fill your box with, and a whole lot more.

The Box Kit is free to download and can be used for anything you like. The only thing that is not allowed is the reselling or repackaging of it. You cannot sell it or its parts.

This is an example of a block quote in a blog entry in the full body of the text. It too displays in a way to draw attention to itself and give the user a nice entry point into the article. Choose your blockquotes wisely.

Give Box Kit 2 a download and let me know what you think of it. As always I'd love to see how you're using it in your designs, sites and apps!