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Sensational shelf

The Shelf stack is a hybrid stack, mixing a beautiful carousel with a great lightbox effect. Simple drag-and-drop mechanics get your shelves built in no time! The Shelf stack is great way to present portfolio items, a gallery of photos or just a create beautiful page accent.


The Shelf stack contains a variety of different shelf styles to dress up your carousel. Styles range from wooden shelves to glass, as well as minimalistic white and black shelves.

Animation duration

You are able to choose the time it takes the carousel animation to execute. This determines how fast the carousel animation takes to change from one set of slides to the next.


You can choose to have the carousel auto-play your slides. This will advance your slides on a set interval. You’re also able to choose what that interval is, as well as specify an addition delay for your first slide to allow your visitors to take in the first page of your carousel.

Lightbox opacity

The lightbox for the Shelf stack is quite nice, and is made nicer by the fact that you get to choose the opacity of the background overlay.


You get to choose the number of images that are visible on your shelf at one time. Each time the carousel rotates it will advance that number of images.

When using the stack in static mode, with the carousel disabled, the shelf will automatically expand to fit all the images into the shelf that you’ve added in edit mode.

Scroll transition

There are 8 different animation styles to choose from for the carousel effect. Everything from a standard sliding animation to an elastic style transition.

Slide style

Styling your slides includes setting wether they get nice rounded corners or sharp stately ones. You also get to choose whether your slides should have padding around them and wether they should have drop shadows or not.

Active / static

You can use the Shelf stack as an active carousel or a static shelf. Using the stack in either manner though still offers up your beautiful images in a great lightbox.


The Shelf stack allows you to toggle the navigation arrows and dots on and off. This allows you to customize how you allow your site’s visitors to navigate through your slides.

Scroll direction

You’re offered the option of choosing to have the auto-play animation animate to either the right, or to the left.


We know a Stacks page can get quite cluttered in edit mode. To alleviate this we’ve included a Collapse feature. This tidy mode allows you to shrink up the Shelf stack and hide its clutter in edit mode, without affecting the stack’s output.