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The Rustic theme allows you to create simple, but beautiful sites for both you and your clients. With Rustic's many options, and the ease of use RapidWeaver provides, you'll be able to quickly and easily build stunning sites that fit your many needs!

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Rustic is built upon a solid, responsive foundation that will help you in designing sites that will work wonderfully on both desktop and mobile devices. Your pages will retain a beautiful appearance on popular mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad!


The Rustic theme comes packed with theme variations and color pickers that will make customizing each page of your site a breeze. Its responsive framework will allow you to build just one site that will work great on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to focus on what's most important – your content.
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Rustic offers 13 different site background styles to choose from.

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Use the 28 provided color pickers to customize the look of each page.

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We include 15 stock banners and 10 custom slots for customizing your pages.

Feature rich

The Rustic theme aims at making your site building experience as hassle-free as possible. We've included theme variations that let you customize your banner images, your font choices, and color options, and a whole lot more, with just the click of your mouse.

Content first

While the Rustic theme is beautiful to look at, its first goal is to make your images and content the star of the show. Big, bold banners, and clean, clutter-free design focuses your visitors' attention where it should be – on your content.

What else does it offer?

Have an in-depth look at what the Rustic theme's features are on the Options page. Also, be sure to check out all of the Sample pages that show off how the theme looks and functions with both the standard RapidWeaver page styles and some of the more popular 3rd-Party page styles, like Stacks.
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How'd they do that?

We've designed this page, and others on this preview site for the Rustic theme, to include fun, smooth animations. While the theme itself allows you to animate the site logo, social media badges and drop down navigation, the animations in the content area have been created using our Animagic stack.

This stack allows you to trigger your animations as the user scroll down the page. You can configure the style, duration and much more for each individual animation. Be sure to check out the Animagic stack on its own product page.