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Lightning is a RapidWeaver theme with bold stylings and a unique take on page development. It features an innovative design and a feature set to make your sites stand out on the ever-crowded web.
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Split personailty

The Lightning theme features a beautiful, half-and-half, split page design. It places the logo, title, slogan, sidebar and an ExtraContent area on the left-hand side of the page and the navigation main content and some additional ExtraContent areas on the right-hand side, dividing the page right down the middle to create a unique and stunning page layout.
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Iconic icons

We've filled the Lightning theme with really creative ways to use some great icons, in strategic locations. This includes blog posts, file sharing items, and standard pages as well. We've also included the ability to make use of some really gorgeous icons in the left-hand side of the theme, which can be used a social media badges, and much more.
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The cherry on top

Since its introduction our Blog Entry Topper feature has been one of the most popular additions to our themes. It allows you to add your own, custom images to the top of each individual blog post, above the blog entry's title. This is something that is not possible in the normal RW environment, that we think you'll really enjoy using and will add a bit of personality to your entries. See it in action on our demo blog page!
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Learn more

This theme includes many more features and theme variations. Be sure to check out the product page for more information on what the Lighting theme can do for you. Also be sure to watch the wonderful tutorial videos we've provided on the product page that will aid you in using Lighting's unique features.

In addition we've also built a FAQ, or frequently asked questions, section into the theme itself in the theme variations. This feature can be found in the Page Inspector under the Styles tab. The toggle to turn it on and off is in the Special section of the theme variations.
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