Geometric theme tutorials

We've created a series of videos to walk you through the features that are available to you in the Geometric theme. We take a look at the theme as a whole is the above video, and below we delve into several specific aspects of the Geometric theme. We explore everything from the theme's ExtraContent areas, to its Social Media Badges and more.

Page Banners

In this video we show you how to use the stock banners as well as how to add your own custom banner images to your pages. We also discuss the cool fade effects found in the Geometric theme, and more!

ExtraContent Areas

We take a look at the location of each of the Geometric theme's 4 ExtraContent areas in this video, as well as go over some fun uses for them. We walk you through building a slideshow banner using the Orbit stack and ExtraContent areas as well!

Social Badges

In this video we cover where the Social Media badges are in the Geometric theme, as well as how to add them to your pages via the snippets available to you on the theme's product page.


We look at the main and mobile navigation for the Geometric theme, as well as cover how to use its two levels of navigation on your pages.

More tutorials

Looking for more help? We've got a product page chocked full of details about the Geometric theme that outlines what the theme is capable of. It also houses instructions for some of the theme's elements as well. If you still need help you can checkout out support page. Simply search for something, for instance "How do I add a logo to my site in RapidWeaver?" or "How do I use the Blog Entry Topper feature?" and it will return a support topic for you.