Feather theme

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Fast and responsive

The Feather theme helps you to build the responsive, flexible site that everyone is looking for nowadays. It offers you a huge variety of theme variations and a beautiful, unique style that will help your site stand out in the crowd.

Supremely Stylish

The Feather theme provides a clean, uncluttered layout for you to customize to your liking. Its design cuts out distractions and allows your visitors to focus on what is most important -- your content.
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Outside the box

The Feather theme gives you tools like multiple ExtraContent areas and our great Blog Entry Topper feature to help you design outside of the normal RapidWeaver app constraints.
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Plugins, more

While RapidWeaver has some great page styles built-in, the 3rd-party developers for the app really produces some must have add ons that will take your site to the next level.
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Page Styles

The RapidWeaver app comes packed with lots of brilliant page styles built right in. We style those page types beautifully with the Feather theme and make them shine.

Flat Button stack

Our Flat Button stack pairs particularly well with the Feather theme. Both have a beautiful, forward-thinking design.

In addition to sharing a similar look and feel, the Flat Button stack can easily be set to flexible or responsive mode, interacting with Feather's responsive structure!

Learn More

The theme's product page contains an assortment of tutorial videos to help you get started and answer questions about the theme along with more info about the theme.


New to RapidWeaver or just want to show off your new RapidWeaver creation? Be sure to check out the great community in the Realmac Software forums!

Get Answers

We have a support forum focused on our products where you can post and get answers to most of your questions regarding our themes, stacks and icon sets.