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Droplet is a RapidWeaver theme with bold stylings and flexible options. It features an innovative design and big feature set to make your sites stand out in the crowd.
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The Droplet theme sports a clean and classy look that will appeal to your many visitors. It has a clean, classic design, with a touch of modern styling. You'll find that Droplet can be used again and again to make many different sites with a different look and feel.
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This theme is packed with lot of different features and theme variations to help you customize it to your likes. It features four special ExtraContent areas, a big, bold header section, a unique navigation system and our ever popular Blog Entry Topper.
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Beautiful Headers

The Droplet theme features a beautiful and unique header section. You can choose from one of several included header background images to make your pages pop, or use your own custom header background images via the Resources section of RapidWeaver.
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Droplet has 4 different ExtraContent areas to help you break out of the standard RapidWeaver mold when designing your pages. The most notable of the four is the ExtraContent area 1 which provides you with a large canvas to place your content within the header section of the theme.
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Blog Entry Topper

This theme features our Blog Entry Topper feature, which allows you to place an image at the top of each individual blog post, above the blog entry’s title. This feature allows you to give your blog, and its individual entires, a lot more personality.
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Droplet features a beautiful, unique navigation system. At its core the navigation for this theme is a drop down menu setup. But the Droplet theme takes the navigation to another level.

In short it allows you to lock the navigation to the top of the browser window as the page is scrolled upwards.
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The Droplet theme allows you to choose whether your Photo Album pages have a nice LightBox effect or whether the Photo Album will display your photos using RapidWeaver's built-in photo view. The LightBox is a really beautiful way to display your photographs to your visitors.
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Droplet also lets you choose from a variety of different width options. In this theme you're able to select one width for your body content while you choose another width for your header section, navigation and ExtraContent area 3. All four of these areas are configured independent of one another.

Much More

This theme is packed full of options that help you to get the most of of RapidWeaver, and to build great looking sites that your visitors will want to visit time and time again. For a more detailed look at all this theme offers, along with walk-thru videos and more, check out the product page for the Droplet theme.
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