Crisp theme

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Say hello to the Crisp theme
Beautiful menus
The Crisp theme has a beautiful, elegant, and simple, drop down menu system. The drop down menu offers 3 levels of navigation: 1 parent and 2 child levels.

You have the ability to change the appearance of the menu as well through font choices and color pickers within the theme's variations.

This menu system will make navigating your site a pleasure for your visitors.
Blog Entry Toppers
We wanted a way to place images at the top of our blog entries in RapidWeaver. But the basic structure of a RW theme just didn't allow for it. So we wrote our own system to do just that.

Not only does it allow you to place a single image at the top of each blog post, it also automatically scales the image to fit. It's practically magic.

See how to use this feature in the walk-thru videos on the Crisp theme product page.
Banner images
In additions to the 25 built-in, editable banner images, we also provide 5 blank images which are also editable in RWmultitool.

This theme also allows you to use predetermined slideshows in the banner area, as well as custom slideshows through the use of snippets, which are also included with the theme.
Scroll to top
This theme provides a way for your visitors to return to the top of any page quickly, and easily.

You're able to enable a button in the footer of the site which lets visitors return to the top of the page with a quick click. There's also a blog page variant as well that attaches itself to each blog entry.
Beautiful fonts
We have included several font choices for your site design with this theme. You're given the ability to change the font styling of the site title, slogan, body text, and navigation text.

Some, but not all, of the font choices included are: Novecento Wide, Museo Sans, Museo Slab, Chunk Five, Helvetica and more.
Picture Perfect
Crisp includes the ability to turn your normal RapidWeaver Photo Album into a beautiful lightbox gallery.

You can either use the normal RapidWeaver style album or toggle on one checkbox and turn on the lightbox gallery. No code needed. No importing.
Be social
We've included several snippets with this theme that allow you to add social badges to the top of the theme, as seen here.

Watch the walk-thru videos on the Crisp theme product page to learn how to use them.
Stay up to date
We've included an easy to use Version Checker in this theme. Simply activate it from within the Page Inspector's theme variations and version information is presented to you.

This feature will check our servers to make sure you're using the latest version of the theme. If you're using an older version of the theme, you'll be able to visit our Order Lookup page to retrieve the latest version of the theme using your invoice information.
Mobile beauty
We've tested Crisp on both the iPad and iPhone to make sure it looks just a great on those mobile platforms as it does in your desktop browser!