Cafe theme

Changing the world, one theme at a time

Say hello to Cafe
We're really excited to present our latest RapidWeaver template — the Cafe theme.

This template is the culmination of a lot of hard work and is truly a labor of love. We hope you enjoy and appreciate all the details and theme variations of this theme.
Beautiful menus
The Cafe theme sports a beautiful navigation system, using drop down menus and a large variety of theme variations relating to the navigation of the site.
Blog entry topper
Cafe features our Blog Entry Topper feature that was introduced in our Crisp theme. This feature is something that is seen quite often on WordPress and Tumblr built sites, so we wanted to bring that functionality to a new RapidWeaver theme. It allows you to easily place an image at the top of your blog entries above the blog entry title.

You can watch a tutorial video on the Cafe theme product page.
Theme FAQ
Cafe comes with a built-in Frequently Asked Questions support option. You can access it from the theme variations and get quick answers to your questions right in RapidWeaver!
Color picker
Cafe allows you to customize a great number of items in your site design through the color picker. Everything from links to form elements can be changed with the color picker.
Font choices
You're given a great selection of fonts and font seizes to choose from for your site title, slogan and body text. This helps you to give your site its own distinct look and feel!
A unique look
Cafe's beautiful design, and attention to detail, will help your site stand out in the crowd. Gorgeous graphics, such as the various shelf designs, hanging shelf badges and blog badges, add a look of professionalism and style to your site.

Cafe also features a plethora of stock banner images and slideshows!
Expand and contract
This theme allows to you pick from 6 different width options for your content. It is even smart enough to know that when you choose one of the two smallest widths to go ahead and hide the sidebar to give more space for your content. Because your content is king!
Cafe features 3 different, beautifully styled ExtraContent areas that will let you break out of the standard RapidWeaver theme mold.

Be sure to check out the rest of the pages on this preview site to see them in action, as well as our ExtraContent tutorial on the Cafe theme product page.
Photo LightBox
Cafe has a beautiful, built-in LightBox feature to help you turn your regular RapidWeaver Photo Album into an amazing LightBox style gallery.
For more information on the Cafe theme and all it offers please check out the product page as well as watch the great walk-thru and tutorial videos provided on the product page. Also, please be sure to checkout the rest of the pages on this preview site to see the Cafe theme at work!