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RapidWeaver Page Styles
RapidWeaver provides a great deal of functionality built right in through the use of its many page styles. Some of our favorite page styles are those that ship with the application.
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Create a beautiful, full featured blog with RapidWeaver's blog page style. It offers commenting, tags and more. It really is one of the best page styles in RapidWeaver.
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Photo Album
A great way to showcase your photographs or present your work in a beautiful online portfolio. You can add photos right in RapidWeaver or pull in photos from your iPhoto Library.
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Contact Form
Create custom forms quickly and easily that allow your visitors to painlessly email you information.
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Styled Text
The bread and butter of site design in RapidWeaver. You can do quite a lot with this versatile page style.
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Site Map
Quickly build a sitemap page to give your visitors access to an overview of your whole site at once. Also helps with search engine optimization.
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File Sharing
Allow your visitors to download files directly from your site. This page provides a good looking page to offer up any sort of download.
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RapidWeaver comes with both a Movie Album page (much like the photo album page), as well as a standalone QuickTime movie page.
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Used for straight up HTML based pages. This page style is more for the intermediate user, as you need a good understanding of HTML and CSS.