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Bricks Introduction

Bricks allows you to have wonderfully columnized, yet very flexible layouts that adjust on the fly for variable width and responsive style RapidWeaver themes.
You can choose the number of items to have in your Bricks layout using a handy slider. You can have up to 100 items in one Bricks layout.
In the Advanced section we offer a few extra items for your Bricks layout.

The first is the ability to Fade out Bricks items. This fades the Bricks items to a opacity of your choosing after the page has loaded. Then when your users hover over your Bricks items they fade in to full 100% opacity. A nice subtle effect to set your page apart.

We’ve also provided a Collapse, or tidy mode, to Bricks, allowing for a cleaner workspace in Stacks when you’re not editing your Bricks content.
By default Bricks uses uniform widths for the items in your fluid columns. This assures a nice clean layout. But you can easily switch to a non-uniform width as well.

Be sure to watch our tutorial video above for more information on using the non-uniform widths.
When your users resize their browser your fluid columns rearrange themselves. Turning on the Animated mode allows for a smooth animation between their start and end locations. It is a nice touch to spruce up your Bricks page.
Get Centered
You can choose to have your Bricks items centered in the content area, or turn off Center Page mode and the items get left-justified.

Bricks is centered by default. This provides the best looking layout, in our opinion.
Bricks allows you to adjust the spacing between the items in your layout. Drag the slider around to increase and decrease the spacing.