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Introducing the Bamboo theme

A very flexible, multi-purpose RapidWeaver theme that works great for everything from business to personal sites. Bamboo is responsive based, allowing it to adapt to both the desktop and the mobile marketplace!
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What is a responsive theme?
This means that as the width of your visitors' web browser changes, many aspects of the theme's layout relating to both design and functionality change as well. This allows for a very flexible site as well as a different presentation on iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
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Top your site with a beautiful banner
The Bamboo theme offers you the ability to use the RapidWeaver Resources section to add in your own custom banner images. These images will appear on the shelf area of the theme. Instead of banners, you can also use the ExtraContent area four in the shelf area!
Expand the possibilites with ExtraContent
Bamboo offers 4 different ExtraContent areas... and 3 of those 4 may actually surprise you a bit!

The first two ExtraContent areas, when they contain content, will present themselves as tabs in the main content area. The main content area will also then become a tab, creating a wonderful three-tab interface. The third ExtraContent area is located at the top of the main content area and has a nice, shaded divider to partition it off from the main content and sidebar. The fourth and final ExtraContent area can be toggled on, in the theme variations, to appear in the shelf area, just above the main content of the theme.
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Navigation for the desktop and mobile
Bamboo sports a horizontal, drop-down navigation for the desktop, and a great tap-to-expand navigation for the iPhone.

The theme knows how wide the browser is and adjusts the size and layout of the navigation based on the width of the browser. It also automatically adjusts the layout and size of the navigation for the iPhone as well.
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Stylish photo albums for your site
This theme comes with a great LightBox feature built right in that spruces up the RapidWeaver Photo Album page style. It also provides a great LightBox that will be optimum for users on iPhones and iPod Touches as well!

This LightBox is enabled by default. Be sure to watch the tutorials above to learn more!
Topping off your blog entries in style
Bamboo features our Blog Entry Topper feature, found in many of our recent theme releases. With this feature you can to place large images above the title of your blog posts quite easily with this great feature, which is similar to that found in many other platforms like WordPress, ExpressionEngine and Tumblr. You're also able to toggle on some decorative photo corners for the Blog Entry Topper images in the Special section of the theme variations!
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Bamboo has a plethora of color pickers
This theme makes extensive use of the color picker for many areas of the theme's design. In many areas you can also choose two color which will go together to make great looking gradients.
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Get help when you need it, with no wait
As with the last several themes we've released, Mobi has a built-in help center. This the FAQ, which is found in the Special section of the theme variations helps you to get quick answers to your important questions.
Learn more about Bamboo
There is a lot more to learn about the Bamboo theme. Be sure to check out the Bamboo theme's product page, as we have tutorial videos, screenshots, and extensive descriptions on the theme's options and requirements.
This page...
… is built using the Stacks plugin for RapidWeaver, by YourHead Software. It makes use of many of Joe Workman's responsive based stacks, such as the: Responsive Layout, Fluid Image and Fit Text stacks.


Mobile friendly
The Bamboo theme continues to push the boundaries of what RapidWeaver can do. It is a responsive theme, which means it adapts to your site’s visitors. As their browser scales down, so does your content. It adapts particularly well to those on iPhones! It also uses the RapidWeaver 5 Resources for both banner and background images.
Make mine modern
We’ve incorporated a series of features in Bamboo that will benefit you and your visitors. These new features are designed for the modern browsers that your visitors are using: Safari, Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer 9. Your site will display OK in IE8, but will not live up to the high standards of these other modern browsers.
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Bamboo is...

… a very flexible, multi-purpose RapidWeaver theme that works great for everything from business to personal sites. Bamboo is responsive based, allowing it to adapt to both the desktop and the mobile marketplace!

Theme variations

Misc options
• 4 ExtraContent Area (including 2 which make a tabbed main content area)
• Built-in LightBox for Photo Album Page
• Ability to have flexible, responsive images
• Blog Entry Topper Images
• Built to work exceptionally well with Stacks!
• Wood 1
• Wood 2
• Dark Wood
• Dark Texture
• Texture
• Tiny Stripes
• Grid
• Quilted Pattern
• Linen 1
• Linen 2
• Dark Linen
• Gray Tiles
• Pinstripes
• Textured Blue Grid
• Textured Gray Grid
• Custom full width Image (background1.jpg)
• Custom full width Image (background2.jpg)
• Custom full width Image (background3.jpg)
• Custom full width Image (background4.jpg)
• Custom full width Image (background5.jpg)
• Color Picker
Background Overlay
• Overlay 1
• Overlay 2
• Overlay 3
• Overlay 4
• Overlay 5
• None
Horizontal Nav Alignment
• Left
• Right
Misc. Navigation
• Show Child Navigation Indicator Icon
• Remove Links from Parent Level Items
• Right
• Left
• None
Photo Album Decoration (Square Thumbnails Only)
• Photo Corners
• Scotch Tape
• Push Pin
• None
Shelf Area
• ExtraContent Area 4
• Banner Image 1 - (banner1.jpg)
• Banner Image 2 - (banner2.jpg)
• Banner Image 3 - (banner3.jpg)
• Banner Image 4 - (banner4.jpg)
• Banner Image 5 - (banner5.jpg)
• Hide Shelf Area and Its Contents
Shelf Area Padding
• Zero
• 10 px
• 20 px
• 30 px
• 40 px
Misc Color Pickers
• Background
• Links
• Site Title
• Site Slogan
• Horizontal Navigation Text
• Horizontal Navigation Gradient: Top
• Horizontal Navigation Gradient: Bottom
• Drop Down Navigation Selected Background
• Drop Down Navigation Selected Text
• Drop Down Navigation Background
• Drop Down Navigation Text
• Blog Entry Accent
• BlockQuote Background
• BlockQuote Text
• Sidebar Background
• Sidebar Text
• File Sharing Items Background
• File Sharing Items Text
• Title Background and Dividers Gradient: Top
• Title Background and Dividers Gradient: Bottom
• Footer Background
• Footer Text
• Footer Links
Site Title
• Museo Slab
• Museo Sans
• Georgia
• Helvetica Neue
• Pacifico
• Lucida Grande
Max width
• 1,060 px
• 1,000 px
• 960 px
• 900 px
• 860 px
• 800 px
• 760 px
• 700 px
• Theme FAQ
• Blog Entry Topper Photo Corner