Build beautiful, animated popup icon bars that are triggered by a button or a custom image, and populated with useful icon links.


Call to action

Trigger the unique and beautiful icon bar from a button or a custom image of your own.


Choose to align your button or image to the left, right or center to make it fit your layout.

Inside info

Your button, which triggers Pop, can contain an icon, text or both making it very versatile.


Choose from over 300 different FontAwesome icons for your button and icon bar links.

Custom buttons

Adjust the colors, size, left and right padding and the rounded corners of your button.

Sneak peek

You can choose to preview your icon bar in Edit Mode to get the look you're going for.


Pop comes with smooth, fluid animation styles to choose from for your icon bar.


Pop requires RapidWeaver 6+ and Stacks v3+.