A responsive image and content slider, all-in-one, for your Stacks pages. Super configurable and very mobile friendly.



You can choose to have up to 30 different slides in each of your Orbit sliders.

Orbit also allows you to show more than one slide at a time using its min- and max-slide options. You can allow your visitors advance through your slider at up to 5 slides at a time.


Smooth transitions is important when it comes to sliders, whether you're using a image or content slider. We've built in several different transition styles. You can choose at what speed your images transition through your slideshow, as well as have it loop back to the beginning once it reaches its end.


Navigating your slideshows should be easy for your visitors. To make it simple for them we've built in both arrows, and navigational dots for navigating slideshows.

Both let your visitors advance through your slider and the dots indicate to them where they're at in your slideshow.

Images and content

You can use Orbit to build slideshows that consist of only images, or mix in your own content, like headers, text and responsive layout columns.

Collapse mode

When working within edit mode in Stacks you can enable Orbit's 'collapse mode' in order to free up a bit of space when you're not working with your Orbit slider.


You're also able to modify the colors of the pagination dots, as well as the color of the current slide's pagination dot, via color pickers.


Building a responsive site is important to a great many people nowadays. We know this and have made Orbit handle responsive themes, whether you're using content or images for your slideshows.

Orbit also lets your users navigate your slider by swiping on touch devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Image scale

Since Orbit is responsive-friendly, we've include a Max Scale option. This max scale option can be used to upscale, or downscale, your images based on the container they're placed inside of when in 'Unlimited' mode. You can also choose 'Image Width' mode to make sure your images only scale downward and get no larger than their original size.


Sliders that start on their own, and advance through their slides automatically may not be a new thing, but it is an important one. You can set the pause duration for how long the auto-play feature pauses on each slide.

We've also included a fun 'Ticker mode,' which you can checkout in our samples.