Ivy 2
Ivy 2

A responsive, easily customized, accordion stack for Stacks 3 that helps you organize your pages into collapsable sections and streamline your content for your visitors.


Built-in Styles

Ivy comes with 24 different built-in styles, with something to match most themes. In fact we've included several that are geared toward Elixir's own themes.


You can choose from a variety of different open and close icons for your accordion labels. You can also place the icons on either the right- or left-hand side of the label.


You can place as many Ivy accordions on a page as you like. The stack is also capable of having other Ivy accordions nested within it to create unique layouts.


In Ivy 2 you can now move your various items around in your Ivy stack by just dragging and dropping them where you like. You can also delete any individual Ivy item anywhere within the stack.

Custom Styles

We've included the ability to customize the look and feel of your accordion using a series of different color pickers instead of using a built-in style.


Each Ivy item can have its colors overridden. This allows you to make one stand out more than another. We've also added transparency sliders to some of the color pickers for more versatility.

Open All

Ivy comes with an Open All option. Enabling Open All adds a switch to the accordion accordion which allows your visitor to open and close every accordion item in a specific Ivy stack at once.

Close All

We've added the ability to now create a separate label for the Open All toggle. The Close All label lets you set the text of the toggle for when all items are opened via the Open All toggle.


You can now align the Open All toggle to the left, center or right side of the Ivy accordion. You can also choose whether you'd like the Open All toggle to appear at the bottom or top of the accordion.

Start open

You can choose to have Ivy automatically start with the first accordion item open when the page loads, getting your visitors right into your content.


Turning on Ivy's Multi-view allows for your visitor to open more than one accordion item at a time. When Multi-view is off only one accordion element will open at a time.


We've included the ability to collapse the content areas of all of the Ivy items in edit mode. This makes it easier to rearrange your Ivy items within the stack.


You have the ability to choose font stylings for both the label and content of your Ivy accordion, as well as pick font sizes for your label that resize at 4 different responsive breakpoints.


Ivy has a few different animation styles for when your accordion items open and close. In addition to choosing an animation style you can set how long it will take for the animation to execute.


You can adjust the padding for your accordion's content to add nice clean whitespace to your design, or get rid of the padding altogether.

Rounded corners

The Ivy accordion comes with a setting to let you adjust the design's corners, allowing you to choose a border radius from 0 to 6 px in size.


The Ivy accordion stack requires RapidWeaver v6 or above and the Stacks plugin v3 or above to work. It is compatible with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 and up.