Create beautiful buttons that morph into magnificent modal popups. Focus provides a powerful, responsive tool for creating a unique way to display your content.



The color of your button determines the modal popup's backdrop. We also provide color pickers for the button's label, the modal's content text and links.


Set the width of your button at the iPhone, iPad and Desktop breakpoints. Each breakpoint can use either a fixed or percentage based width.

Shape Up

Choose to have your button be rounded and pill-shaped or nice and squared off. The shape of the button influences the morph effect when your user clicks the button.


What would a button be nowadays without an icon? We provide over 100 different icons to choose from to adorn your button design.

Collapse Mode

Use the built-in collapse mode to shrink up your modal content during edit mode to provide a cleaner work environment.


Focus requires Stacks v3+ and RapidWever 6+ due to its use of the latest features in both product's APIs.


Focus includes a feature for helping its overall compatibility with themes that use highly numbered z-indexes in their design.

Browser Support

Focus uses a lot of very new technologies. This means the latest browsers are going to be necessary for Focus: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE 10+.