Flat Button 2
Flat Button 2

Quickly and easily build stylish buttons. Use Flat Button’s multitude of settings to make classic, flat buttons, or apply a gorgeous gradient or drop shadow to give them depth.



Build classic buttons with a flat styling. These buttons will look right at home on your pages for years to come.

Add depth

Flat Button 2 allows you to add depth to your buttons using gradients and drop shadows to help your buttons stand out.


Use icons, the universal language, to help your buttons pop. You can choose from over 300 different FontAwesome icons.


Choose the size of your button by setting a custom height. You can also adjust the padding on the left- and right-hand side of your button label for the Standard and Responsive width modes.

Well Rounded

Choose to round the corners of your button, or leave them squared off. You can round all of the corners the same or choose a different border radius for each corner.


The Flat Button stack allows you to align your button to the left, center or right. You can also choose to place your optional icon on either the left- or right-hand side of the button.


Add a border to your button for another style. Adjust the border’s color to match your design.

Lone Icon

Choose to disable the button’s label and you can have a button that consists of an icon alone.


Pick a font from our list of web safe fonts, or chose Custom to specify your own label font.


Choose from 5 different width modes to get the right setup for your buttons, no matter your page’s design.


Flat Button 2 requires RapidWeaver 6 or higher and Stacks v3.1 or above.