Capsule allows you to place content on your pages that can be shown and hidden by your visitors using stylish toggles. Use multiple content sections and multiple toggles to control your content.



You can place toggles on your page, for opening and closing content, separately from your content. This allows you free reign to design your pages as you see fit.


The toggle can be set to a left, right or canter alignment to help in styling your page.


Most of the time you'll use one toggle per Capsule content area, but you can use multiple toggles for one content area. You can also setup multiple content areas to be opened by a single toggle. This makes Capsule quite powerful.


In addition to a toggle you may also add a text label next to the toggle.

Close All

We've added a new feature to Capsule that allows you to tell a toggle that when it is opened it should close all other Capsule stacks on the page. See it in action here.

Icons & Images

We provide a few built-in icons for use as your toggle. This allows you to get up and running quickly. But we've also built-in drop zones for your own custom images, allowing a great deal of design flexibility.

Pre-built Images

We've included a set of on and off toggles as Stack Media Libraries, which install themselves when you install the stack.


Capsule allows you to adjust the animation style and speed for each Capsule toggle.

Start open

You can choose to have the content area of the Capsule stack start open by default when the page loads.


The Capsule stack requires that you have both RapidWeaver v5+ and the Stacks plugin v 2.5+ installed.


We've included settings for padding in the Capsule stack. This lets you change the look of the stack's content. We've also included an inset shadow toggle which gives the content an inset look.