Build portfolios, product pages and more with this specialized, two column stack that allows an image on one side, that expands into an image gallery, and standard content on the other.



You can have up to 10 images in each slider. This allows you to use a variety of images for each Bloom stack.

Rounded Corners

You're able to round the corners of your images to give them a subtle, clean look.

Popup Gallery

Clicking on an image in the stack brings up a slider that covers the content of the stack, and allows the visitor to scroll through all of the associated images.

Scroll Into Place

When a visitor chooses to enlarge your images, opening the slider, you can choose to have the stack scroll the browser so that the full-size image moves upwards into view.

[NEW] You can also set the speed that the browser window scrolls upwards.

Image Location

Place your images on either the left- or right-hand side of the content. This adds flexibility to your page design.


You have the ability to choose to use either white or black icon overlays for your images as well as whether the Zoom icon should be visible at all times or not.

Mobile Friendly

Bloom orients itself to make viewing on mobile platforms easy and intuitive for your visitors. It also allows them to use swipe gestures to navigate the image gallery on mobile devices.


Feel free to use multiple Bloom stacks on one page. They all work independently of one another.


You to set labels for each of the Bloom stacks on your page, changing not only the label text, but its background color as well.

This allows you to use its collapse mode to tidy up your page in edit mode for easy editing and organization.


[NEW] Choose whether to have Bloom switch to mobile mode at either the iPad landscape or portrait widths.


The Bloom stack requires RapidWeaver 5+ and Stacks v2.6+.

The code generated by Bloom uses modern code to achieve its design and functionality. It is compatible with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9+.