Quickly and easily create stylish, fun animations for page elements that are triggered as your visitors scroll down your pages.


Animation Styles

Animagic allows you to choose from a large selection of animation styles. From subtle fades to grand entrances.

There are over 35 different animations to choose from.

While an over the top animation may be good for some things, often times its the subtle animations that are the most impressive.

"With great power comes great responsibility."


You're able to define just how long it takes for each individual Animagic animation to take place once triggered.


The offset setting tells Animagic how far up, in pixels, from the bottom of the browser window you want your animation to be triggered. This triggering of the animation happens as the visitor scrolls down the page, starting each individual animation as the visitor reaches them.


You can easily set a delay time as well which tells Animagic how long to wait to start the animation after being triggered.

Browser Support

Animagic uses quick rendering CSS 3 animations. These animations require modern browsers to display them: Safari, Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer 10+.

Note: Your content will still be displayed in older versions of IE, but will not animate.