My stacks download just looks like a folder, not a stack add-on

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From time to time it seems Stacks doesn’t recognize its add-ons and instead displays them as a folder when viewed in the Finder when you double-click it to install it in RapidWeaver. The usual solution for this is to download and install the latest versions of Stacks and / or RapidWeaver. If you’ve done that and are having trouble still you will need to contact YourHead Software, the developer of the Stacks plugin, so that they can fix the problem with the Stacks plugin for you.

Still need help?

If you haven't done so already, be sure to have a look at the product page of the theme or stack for which seeking help. Each product page has tutorial videos that walk you through using that product's options.

The product pages also offer a vast wealth of information in the details section which often answers a lot of users' questions as well.