I've added a banner image to my page but it isn't showing up once it is published

Time to read: 1 minute

Many of our themes offer you the ability to add a banner image of your own through the RapidWeaver 5 resources. In doing so there are a few things you must make sure you do in order for the browser to display your banner properly:

Banner Image Filenames

  • Ensure that your banner image’s filename is spelled correctly. The filename that you’re required to name your banner is listed in the Page Inspector next to the selection, as seen in this screenshot. It is extremely important that your image’s filename be spelled just as seen in the Page Inspector. Filenames are case sensitive in web browsers, so you’ll have to pay attention to the capitalization of the letters in your filenames as well.
  • You’ll need to make sure that you’ve placed your banner image directly into the resources section inside RapidWeaver, and not within a folder inside of the resources section.
  • When creating your images, whether in Photoshop or another similar image editing piece of software, you’ll want to ensure that your image is RGB (and not CMYK or Grayscale) and that the image’s DPI is set to 72 dpi. Web browsers often will not display images that are not saved correctly.

Still need help?

If you haven't done so already, be sure to have a look at the product page of the theme or stack for which seeking help. Each product page has tutorial videos that walk you through using that product's options.

The product pages also offer a vast wealth of information in the details section which often answers a lot of users' questions as well.