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  • Can I use other third-party stacks when building my site with Foundry?

    You can, without a doubt, use other 3rd-party stacks within Foundry. We work hard to make sure most stacks outside of Foundry will work with it. With so many third-party stacks out there though, there’s no way for us to possibly know, or list them all. If you have a question about a specific stack, be sure to post your question over on the Foundry Forum.

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  • Bricks 2 does not show up in my Stack Elements library.

    Bricks 2 requires Stacks 3 to work. If you’re not seeing Bricks 2 in your Stack Elements it is most likely that you’re still using Stacks 2 or earlier. Once you upgrade to Stacks 3 Bricks should show up in your Stacks Library.

    Bricks 2 requires specialized elements in Stacks 3’s developer API, so it will not show up in older versions of Stacks.

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  • How do I install an update to a RapidWeaver theme?

    Updating a RapidWeaver theme is actually a super simple task. To begin you’ll need the updated theme file. When a theme is updated we will email you a link to download the latest version of the theme. If you’ve not received that email you can always get the latest version of your theme by looking up your order via our Order Lookup page.

    Once you’ve downloaded the latest version of your theme, updating is as easy as double-clicking the new theme file you received. RapidWeaver will take this new theme file and overwrite the old version of the theme with this new version.

    Something to note though: Since the the old theme you had installed is being overwritten, any changes you may have made to the theme’s internal files (which is not something we encourage or support) will be permanently overwritten. So if you have made any changes internally you’ll want to make a backup copy of the theme before you install the new version. We highly encourage you to never make modifications to the internal workings of a theme. Any CSS or javascript modifications should be made inside RapidWeaver in the Page Inspector’s custom CSS and javascript field.

    After RapidWeaver has installed and overwritten your old theme file you’ll need to quit and then restart the app to make sure things are all fresh and good to go.

    Finally you just need to publish your site using the updated theme. If you use RapidWeaver Publish method, use the “Republish All Files” feature in the File menu of RapidWeaver. This will ensure that all of the theme files are updated on your server with the new theme files. If you manually export and upload your site via your own FTP software you’ll need to Export your site as you normally would and re-upload the entirety of your site to your server.

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  • Do you offer discounts?

    We offer sales from time to time, but those are infrequent. That being said, we do tend to offer discount codes when we send out a newsletter announcing a new product. If you’re interested in receiving our newsletter you can signup in the footer of the site on the main Elixir homepage.

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  • Is there a manual for my theme or stack?

    Each of our themes and stacks have a very detailed product page that includes all of the products information. Each product page’s Details tab outlines what the product can do, as well as any needed special instructions for using said product. We also include a Tutorials tab on some product pages that has videos that walk you through using the features of a product that are unique to itself.

    If you come across a question that is not answered on the product page of a theme or stack, be sure to use the search feature of the Support Page to seek out answers to any questions you might have.

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  • I've added a banner image to my page but it isn't showing up once it is published

    Many of our themes offer you the ability to add a banner image of your own through the RapidWeaver 5 resources. In doing so there are a few things you must make sure you do in order for the browser to display your banner properly:

    Banner Image Filenames

    • Ensure that your banner image’s filename is spelled correctly. The filename that you’re required to name your banner is listed in the Page Inspector next to the selection, as seen in this screenshot. It is extremely important that your image’s filename be spelled just as seen in the Page Inspector. Filenames are case sensitive in web browsers, so you’ll have to pay attention to the capitalization of the letters in your filenames as well.
    • You’ll need to make sure that you’ve placed your banner image directly into the resources section inside RapidWeaver, and not within a folder inside of the resources section.
    • When creating your images, whether in Photoshop or another similar image editing piece of software, you’ll want to ensure that your image is RGB (and not CMYK or Grayscale) and that the image’s DPI is set to 72 dpi. Web browsers often will not display images that are not saved correctly.
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  • How can I modify a theme I've purchased from Elixir?

    When it comes to RapidWeaver themes we do not suggest modifying a theme directly. The best practice for customizing the look and feel of your pages with a theme is to use the Page Inspector’s styles tab to adjust the theme variations that come in each theme.

    If you need to adjust a theme beyond what is possible through these theme variations you can provide your own, custom CSS or javascript in the Custom CSS and Custom Javascript fields located in the Header tab, which is also found in the Page Inspector. We suggest only doing so though if you have a good grasp of CSS and / or javascript.

    We do not provide support for problems that arise from code modifications, whether directly to a theme or through the CSS code fields in the Page Inspector.

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  • Do you support, or offer help with, modifying themes?

    I do not offer any support for modified themes, or support to modify a theme’s internal code. As an individual I simply do not have the time and resources that this would require. In addition to not being able to help each and every customer with customizations, keeping track of each user’s custom code base would be a nightmare. Especially when it comes to theme updates — if a theme needs an update, then I would need to also create a custom update for each user with a custom theme, as to not overwrite their custom code base with the stock theme update.

    When it comes to customizations and modification I strongly discourage users from doing so to any code internally within a theme. You should add any customizations to the custom CSS and javascript panes found in RapidWeaver’ Page Inspector, under the Header tab. These changes are non-destructive to the theme and are not affected during any theme updates that might take place.

    I do not support custom code inserted into a theme by yourself or a third-party user. Adding custom code to the contents of a theme, whether it be the main content area, the sidebar, through Stacks, etc to a theme is also included in this category.

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  • I made a purchase but have yet to receive my product(s).

    It is likely that one of two things has happened…

    (1) Your receipt and download link(s) got swept up in your junk mail filter. Check your junk mail or spam folder to be sure that your email application did not get over zealous and sort out your purchase mistakenly.

    (2) You’re checking the wrong email address. Download links are sent to the email address that you have associated with your PayPal account, which is done for security reasons. Check that account and see if the email arrived there.

    If you still cannot find your download links it may be that PayPal just hasn’t passed off the processing information to us yet. Give it an hour or so. In the unlikely event that your email for download link still has not arrived please send us an email using our contact form.

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  • I've lost the files I purchased! How can I retrieve them?

    If you’ve forgotten to backup your purchased themes, stacks or icons and have lost them somehow, either through some sort of computer problems, or just an accident, fret not you can retrieve them all on your own.

    Simply go here to our order lookup form and supply us with the necessary information and our automated system will retrieve them for you. If you do not get results from the retrieval form it may be likely that you used a different email address to purchase your theme than the one you’re entering. Give the form another try with any alternate email addresses you may have had in the past as well.

    If you still cannot retrieve your purchase that you’ve lost you will need to email me with the following information: Either your PayPal receipt or your original download email. If you don’t have one of these I will need the email address that you used in purchasing your product(s) along with a listing of the particular products you purchased and are trying to retrieve.

    Please be sure to make backups of these files this time around, and for future purchases.

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  • My pages don’t seem to be formatted after publishing, what went wrong?

    Most likely, your CSS files did not get uploaded during the publishing of your site for whatever reason. This is an easy fix though, so there’s no need to fret.

    Simply use the Mark All Pages as Changed feature in the RapidWeaver File menu. Then, from the same menu, select the Re-publish All Files menu item. This will cause RapidWeaver to republish all of the files associated with your project and force those stubborn CSS files to upload that might have been missed before.

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