• State of the Lab update

Time to read: 2 minutes

After being extremely busy not only shopping for, but also buying and moving into a new house, I wanted to sit down and catch everyone up on what I've got in store in the coming weeks and months ahead.

While I’ve been waist deep in boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape lately I have found some time to get a little work done here and there. As normal I’ve been keeping up with support each and every day, knocking out all of your questions and fielding a couple bug reports (for which I have a couple tiny updates in the works to address).

I’ve also found some time to create a new Elixir support area. I was finding that the ZenDesk-based support forums I’d had going for a long time were suffering a lot of spam attacks via the ZenDesk site. So in an effort to free you all of that nasty spam I cooked up an in-house solution. So you can search for support topics as well as find some helpful resources and submit support requests via the new support page.

Some other things that are percolating in the old Elixir laboratory include a few new themes and a Stacks add-on as well. I’ve got a RapidWeaver theme that is nearly ready to go, I just need to create some tutorial and walk-thru videos for it and wrap up testing. Right behind it I have a Statamic theme (my first one, yay!) that just needs to be wrapped up before I start creating its product page, videos, etc. and finishing its testing as well.

Finally, I’ve also begun the very early stages of a new Stacks add-on idea as well. While it is really early on in its development, if it goes well it should be a really fun stack to add some nice effects to your Stacks-based pages.

So, while I’ve been more busy lately than usual, and haven’t had a chance to get as much done as I’d like, I wanted to let you all know I haven’t dropped off the edge of the Earth, and that there is a lot of stuff in the works to look forward to.