• Say hello to a new, out of this world RapidWeaver theme

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Atmosphere is a responsive, customizable theme allows you to build beautiful, professional looking sites in no time! You can develop both business and professional sites with it for both yourself and your clients!

This versatile theme is built on a responsive foundation that allows you to construct a site that both looks and works great on your visitor’s desktop computer as well as their mobile devices.

Atmosphere makes use of some of the newest web technologies in order to provide your visitors with a great experience.

We’ve included several different ExtraContent areas, customizable backgrounds, an amazing navigation system, a slew of different color pickers and a whole lot more!

The Atmosphere theme also comes with social badges, our popular Blog Entry Topper feature and a spectacular lightbox for your built-in Photo Album pages.

Here’s a quick walk-thru, overview video about Atmosphere to get you started:

Learn more about all Atmosphere has to offer over on its product page, where we go over all its features, present you with screenshots, tutorial videos and a live preview site.

A great pairing

Our Flat Button stack pairs really well with the Atmosphere theme! Its responsive features and beautiful styling help it to easily fit in with your content on your Stacks pages when using Atmosphere to develop your sites.

Give its product page a look to learn all about it, as well as check out the live preview site for the Atmosphere theme, where we make use of the Flat button stack throughout.

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