• Let's take a closer look at the Potion Pack's Zoom stack

Time to read: 1 minute

When I was building out the stacks for the Potion Pack addon for Foundry I felt like we needed a simple, but beautiful image lightbox. While Foundry has its multi-purpose Modal stack, I thought Foundry users could use a solution that was more elegant for image only lightboxes.

Zoom allows you to setup a lightbox for an image by simply dragging and dropping your image into the stack’s image well. That’s it. You get a beautiful lightbox effect when the image is clicked on. And what’s more impressive is that if the user starts scrolling away, down the page, the image shrinks back down and gets out of their way.

When the Potion Pack launched the stack was pretty barebones, by design, as you’ll see when you watch the original launch day tutorial video, below. Since then I’ve added a bunch of new features to the stack to round its functionality out a bit more. Zoom got the following changes in the v1.1.0 update to Potion Pack:

  • Added ability to align image to the left, center or right.
  • Added ability to add an Alt Tag to your Zoom image.
  • Added image sizing options: Normal, Upscale to 100% and Max-Width settings.
  • Added ability to choose whether the image will be Standard or Rounded.

Here we take a look at how Zoom works:

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