• Learn how to use Foundry's Style Guide stack

Time to read: 1 minute

Keeping on point with your site's branding is important in keeping a nice consistent look from page to page. The Style Guide stack is included in Foundry as an optional way to help you do just that.

Foundry’s Style Guide stack allows you to quickly and easily reference your branding colors, that you’ve configured in the Control Center stack, while constructing your pages. It even provides a way to mount the Style Guide to the bottom of the Stacks window so that you can use it for reference and color pick it at any time.

In this video we look at these features and how to use the Style Guide stack in your projects.


You can reference all of the Style Guide stacks settings and options on the Style Guide documentation page. And don’t forget that the Foundry forum is a great place to get help if you’re having questions about how one of the stacks works.

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