• Introducing the Pop stack for RapidWeaver

Time to read: 1 minute

Today I get to introduce another really fun stack for RapidWeaver. The Pop stack is one of those stacks that not only looks beautiful, and has gorgeous animations, but it can also provide you a good deal of flexibility when building your pages.

The Pop stack is a powerful stack, disguised in a simple, easy to use interface. Pop allows you to create stunning icon-based toolbars that appear when your visitors click a specific trigger on your page, such as a button or an image.

Pop’s toolbar icons can be linked to just about anything — social media sites, contact form pages, shopping carts and so much more. Instead of blathering on here about it, let’s take a look at a quick walk-thru video to see what Pop can do. Then we’ll take a look at a live preview site to see it in action.


Live Preview

We’ve setup a live preview here for you to see Pop in action first-hand. Hop on over there and check out just a few of the many, many ways you can put Pop to work.

More Information

Want to know a little bit more? Head on over to the Pop product page to learn a bit more about Pop’s features.