• Introducing the Orbit stack for RapidWeaver

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There are a few staples to most sites today. Things that everyone wants to include on their sites. Two of the most popular things in site design nowadays are responsive design elements and slideshows. Our newest stack -- Orbit -- covers both of those areas. It allows you the ability to insert both image and content sliders on your Stacks pages and do so in a responsive environment.

Orbit offers a lot flexibility in building your sliders, and can be easily incorporated into just about any project in some way or another.

It’s great for designing a nice portfolio site, or for simply creating a beautiful image slider in an ExtraContent area.


I’ve built out a preview site that uses the Orbit slider throughout, showing off a lot of different uses for this stack. You should also give the product page a look, as I’ve got a tutorial video there showing you how to make use of this wonderful plugin. In addition to the tutorial I detail what the stack is capable of there as well as offer up some screenshots.


I think the Orbit slider stack will be a great addition to your RapidWeaver arsenal, whether you’re building sites for yourself, or building projects for your clients!

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Flexible buttons, that have style, are hard to find. A good pairing for the Orbit stack is our Flat Button stack, which allows you to place stylish, easy to use buttons on your stacks pages. And best of all the Flat Button stack is capable of building responsive buttons as well!

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