• Introducing the Ivy accordion stack for RapidWeaver

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After releasing the Structure suite of responsive stacks I felt like there were some other responsive stacks that I needed to add to the Elixir lineup. One of those stacks was an accordion stack. So today I'm pleased to finally get to present you with the Ivy accordion stack!

I often have people ask me about the accordion that I use on the Elixir site for my support pages. So I thought I would develop something like it for RapidWeaver users.

When I began I thought about using some pre-built jQuery library to base the stack off of, but as I started developing Ivy I decided that I would start from scratch. This allowed me to build the accordion itself to work just as I’d like it to with Stacks, and let me design internal, pre-built styles for the stack as well.

Ivy comes packed with features, allowing you to customize how it looks, and functions, to meet your needs and match the style of your site. Some of the highlights include:

  • Built-in Styles: Ivy comes with 21 different pre-defined styles.
  • Customizable Styles: You can easily use a large set of color pickers to define your own style.
  • Open All Toggle: Enabling the Open All options adds a switch to the bottom of the accordion which allows your visitor to open all accordion items at once.
  • Multi-view: Turning on Ivy’s Multi-view allows for your visitor to open more than one accordion item at a time.

These are just a few of the options and features of Ivy though. I encourage you to checkout the rest of what Ivy can do on the product page. We’ve got screenshots, a walk-thru video, and a live preview site for you to look over there.

I think Ivy is a great, responsive accordion stack that will help you get your pages organized and to present your content to your visitors in a nice tidy way. And the Ivy accordion stack pairs perfectly with our Structure suite of responsive layout stacks as well.


Our Structure suite of responsive layout stacks pairs really well with the Ivy accordion stack. Structure features responsive columns, grids, floated images and a whole lot more to make constructing responsive pages in RapidWeaver a breeze.

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