• Introducing the Geometric theme for RapidWeaver

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Our latest theme, Geometric, is a clean and classy design. It's a responsive theme that provides an elegant design for your portfolio, blog, or small business site. It has big, bold banners, creative, out-of-the-box ExtraContent areas, fun fade effects and so much more.

This super versatile theme makes use of some of the newest web technologies in order to provide your visitors with a great, mobile-first experience. This makes viewing your sites on either desktop or mobile devices a real pleasure.

In addition to the responsive structure of the theme we’ve also included an amazing array of theme variations, and over 30 different color pickers, along with a whole lot more to make customizing your pages as simple as possible!

Geometric also comes with our popular Blog Entry Topper feature and a spectacular, responsive lightbox for your built-in Photo Album pages.

We encourage you to checkout the product page for the theme as well as the walk-thru and tutorial videos that highlight its unique features. Here’s a quick walk-thru, overview video about Geometric theme to get you started:

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