• Introducing the Focus stack for RapidWeaver

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Release days are always a blast. Getting to share a new creation with the RapidWeaver community is really fun, especially when you have something new, and exciting to share.

Today I'm super excited to share my latest stack with everyone. It is something that I've not seen done before for RapidWeaver, and know everyone will do a million things with it that I could never have envisioned.

The Focus stack is a button stack… but it isn’t any normal button stack. Focus creates a button that, when clicked, morphs from its button shape into a modal overlay, containing a variety of different content types!

The Focus stack does just what it says — it focuses your visitors’ attention on your content. But it does it in a most spectacular way.


You can customize the look of your buttons and add your content to the modal overlay to create some truly unique designs. Be sure to check out the product page, as well as watch our walk-thru / tutorial video to learn more about Focus.

You can even see Focus live in action on the live preview site!

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